Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

So we had a nice leisurely Labor Day. We spent a little time organizing a few things at home. Then we were quite adventurous and we took the girls to a movie. It rained most of the morning so the dollar theater was unfortunately sold out for the entire day for Kung Fu Panda. Naomi almost cried! So we took them over to a real theater and saw Wall-E. Naomi loved the entire experience! She was so excited the whole time. This was her first movie. Gwen did pretty well too! She was fine as long as she had popcorn in her hand! 

After the movie we drove up to Bridal Veil Falls and just enjoyed the view for a little while. 

We bought Naomi some preschool workbooks. She is currently sitting down coloring in all the red pictures and I am so impressed with how well she is staying in the lines! We are starting a Mom's preschool next week so I wanted her to have something fun to do that's sort of related. 

By the way, who are the 3 people who are going to join me in reading all of Jane Austen this month? I had originally wanted to read them in the order they were published, but I only own 2 of them and the library here is a bit sporadic about which ones are available - so I think I am starting with Persuasion. 


Janell said...

I'll read with you, no promises how far i'll get, but I am addicted to reading right now. I started with Emma, cause that is what my library had currently.

Jennifer said...

I'm reading with you, currently "Sense & Sensibility" since that is the first one in my Complete Works volume.

I LOVE preschool workbooks! Claire does a sheet or two everyday, but she refuses to learn to spell her name. Every time I try, she informs me her name is Shanka again. I refuse to teach her how to spell it.

Chanda said...

Hey, you got out! Well done! :) Have fun reading Jane Austen, I'm jealous of anyone who is experiencing her books for the first time. I just got done reading Breaking Dawn in 2 days and now I've got to get my head out of the world of vampires.

Heather and Trevor said...

Hey girl! So I have been a bad Blogger Lately! Glad to see that you are well! Your girls are darling as usual! I just finished re-reading Pride and Predjudice and I really want to read Persuasion, so maybe I will join you! What are you reading right now?

Ellis Family said...

We also went to the movies on Labor Day! We were going to go see WallE but I just couldn't spend that much money for my wiggly Audrey to go see it... Thus, we went to see Kung Fu Panda! WOW, it scares me some times how much our families are alike. haha!