Friday, October 30, 2009

Haunted Apartment

I'm currently wondering if our apartment might be haunted - or perhaps it was one of those dreams where everything seems real. Last night i was aware that I was having a dream about a ghost haunting our apartment. When I woke up from the dream with fright, I felt a slight tickle on my ear as if someone was breathing on it. I get tickles often so I just pulled my covers over my ear. When I did that, Brian suddenly leaned over very close to my face and was breathing heavily onto my face. I thought it was weird because of the timing. Its almost as if the "ghost", if you will, made Brian do that so it could keep breathing on me. That was the first time I wondered, "Am I dreaming now? or am I awake?" What's odd is that I kept having that dream about the ghost throughout the night. At one point I woke up and looked into the kitchen area and thought I saw a figure standing there, I'm pretty sure it was just the stack of boxes. Another time I woke up I thought I heard people talking, could have been the neighbors. Then just before i woke up I heard a basketball bouncing as if it was right next to my bed. My initial thought was that it was Brian bouncing a basketball right next to our bed and I thought he must be crazy! But he wasn't even home. Even more odd was that neither one of the girls got up in the entire night. Usually at least one of them wakes me up for something. ANd lately its been Naomi having bad dreams and coming into bed with us. (She is oddly dreaming about wolves again which happened right after we moved into Wymount and she was terrified of the wolves!) I feel like there were some other odd happenings in the night but I can't remember them all right now. Weird, right? Its either the stress, the fact that its Halloween, or there really is a ghost. If there is a ghost then at least we are moving out, unless its attached to one of us! woooo!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm looking for some tips for organization/storage.

What do you do with your kids' stuffed animals? Right now I have them in a hamper which is ok, but there are stuffed animals in the bottom there that NEVER get played with and I feel sorry for them. What do you do with yours so that the kids can play with them, but they aren't just strewn about the room (which honestly ours are sometimes just strewn about the room for days on end).

Also, for any crafty people, what do you do to store all of your supplies? I have mine in this awful box that I bought at Ikea and its falling apart. It was cardboard so there was my first mistake, but I didn't have very much when I purchased the box so it all fit nicely, now I have a lot of craft supplies and its just bulging over and I have things in plastic bags and I don't like it!! What do you do to keep your stuff in order and make it findable and usable, but still somewhat portable. I don't ever need everything from the box, but I also don't have a craft room, its just the box in the closet. In the new place I might have a more permanent spot for it, but it still won't be a room. I've thought of getting little plastic storage boxes and separating things out by type and then putting all of that in a bin or bigger box. Anyway, any tips would be great!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Future Playroom!

I have to, have to, have to do this in what will become the girls' playroom in the new house! It will be tons of work, but I love it so much! I can't wait! Sadly, my dreams have me painting every single room in the entire house! haha. why can't I just settle for tan paint? Oh yeah, cuz its boring!! haha. I'm ready for color!


We have a lovely little back patio that the girls like to play on. Usually I just let them play out their by themselves while I do dishes or read. Today I heard them talking to someone while I was in my bedroom packing a box of books. When I came out to see who it was there was no one there. I asked who it was and Naomi said it was the tall boy. This means nothing! So I stayed in the living room to watch. Then a boy who was probably 8 or 9 comes running along the building and comes over to our patio and then asks if he can come in. I said no. He asked why. I replied, "well, we don't know you" So he introduces himself which was nice, but still we don't know him, nor do we know his parents, or even where he lives for that matter. So he asks again, can he come in. I once again say no and get the girls to come inside so we don't have to deal with it any longer. When I told Brian about it, he just says "awww." I was like, "awww"???? He thinks its sad that the time that we live in has gotten to be like that. But even so, we don't know him, he's twice Naomi's age, a boy, who once again we don't know! Naomi and I had to sit down to have yet another talk about talking to strangers and why its not ok to have them into your house.

On a lighter note:

Gwen has decided that her hand is a baby! Yes, instead of playing with a babydoll or any of the myriad toys they own she has decided to pretend that her hand is a baby. Its cheap, at least! The baby cries and needs to be swaddled sometimes. It also eats! Now when Gwen plays with her toys, I can sometimes see the baby playing along with her. She "walks" it through her pop-up books or Noah's ark. Its funny and strange I think too!

How I make the Tutus

Here is what I do to make the tutus. I originally found some online tutorial for it, but I can't find it so I am going to type up what I do because some of the ones I am finding now are not as easy as what I do.

I order my tulle online from

I buy it in the 6" spools. I find that easier, but you can buy the bolts and cut the tulle to 6" wide pieces - cut the entire length of the tulle. I generally try to put together 2-3 colors, but even just one will look great. Naomi's tutu dress took almost 5 rolls so approximately 150 yards and Gwen's only used 3 rolls about 75 yards. I wanted Naomi's to be really poufy and Gwen's to lay a little flatter.

All you need next is elastic and ribbon, if you want it. I buy elastic that is about 1" wide. I don't know if the width really matters though.

I first measure how long I want the tutu to be. So if you want a dress measure from under the arm to wherever you'd like the bottom to lay. Then you cut the tulle to be double this length in strips. So gwen's dress is about 21" long so I cut it to 42". I like to find something that is close to that size so I can wrap the tulle around and around it and cut once. For these dresses I wrapped it around a small Ikea table that was 21" across last time I cut cardboard to the size I wanted. You wind up with a lot of 6" x 42" strips. You can do skirts as short as 10" which would be strips cut 6" x 20".

Then you measure the elastic around wherever you want it to be placed. I have read that if you take off 2 inches from this measurement that should work. That hasn't worked for me yet. When you tie the tulle onto the elastic it stretches out so I just tie the elastic and work with that so I can adjust when I get closer to being done. This time I just left it tied and put tulle over the knot, but last time I sewed the ends together once I found the right size.

I pull the elastic up over my leg up around my thigh so its at a comfortable working level. Then I just grab pieces of tulle and I tie them around the elastic like this:

I pulled the knot really tight for Naomi's which is what made hers so poufy. There is a lot of tulle wrapped around that elastic!! Gwen's was not pulled as tight. You can do every other color, but i like to do 2 strips of one color and then 1 of another. You can vary it up. I think it gives the colors dimension instead of just striped. Gwen's butterfly tutu goes 2 brown, 1 orange, 1 cream, 1 orange, 2 browns.

Once you get all of the tulle you want onto the elastic then you can try it on for size. With my girls I always have to undo the knot and re-tie it tighter, usually a lot tighter. The tighter your knots are the more the elastic stretches which also means it will stretch less overall once its on so you do need to leave some stretchability in the elastic. Like I said at this point you can probably sew up where you had the knot, but I didn't this time. Then you finish it off with a little more tulle tied around where you sewed or where the knot is to cover it up.

You can tie ribbon around the elastic to have a nice bow in the front or back. If you did a dress just loop the ribbon around some of the tulle and up over the shoulders to hold the dress up. Then I just tie ribbon around their waist. You don't have to do that, they could just run around in a pouf of tulle!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gwen's Butterfly Costume

Oh Yeah! I made them both in one day! What a relief! I was starting to feel anxiety that I might not be able to get them done! Whew! I know, Gwen's wings are too big, but Monarch wings are Hard to find!! She will also have something underneath hers come Trick or Treat. Also, I can't decide if I should change up the ribbon for shiny black ribbon. What do you think?
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009

And I know there are a lot of pics of the same thing, but she smiled in all of them! And we all know that is a feat for her! Apparently she likes it!

Naomi's Fairy Costume

I made this! Today!! I started late this morning and its done! I am really impressed with myself. If you can't tell for sure, its a fairy. She is a "pink tink" as she calls it. The tulle itself cost under $10 since I bought it online. I already had the ribbon so $10 for a custom made halloween costume - awesome! For actual Halloween she is going to have something underneath (maybe a leotard) with some bright pink tights. I do still have to make her a flower clip - as in I have to learn how to make flower clips.
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009

I forgot the wings:
From 2009

I don't know where this face came from, but WOW!
From 2009

And a hint for Gwen's costume that I will be making sometime soon. You can tell she has never had her haircut in this picture; its time!
From 2009

Now for fun a picture of Gwen - who fell asleep directly in front of the TV, in Naomi's sweater.
From 2009

And here are the body organs that I had to throw away because of the smell. The grapes were actually bubbling! GROSS!!
From 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a day! And its only 11am!

Last night poor Naomi woke up and was crying because she missed a friend's baby sister, Danica. I thought that was extremely weird. She kept waking up so I took her temperature, and she had a 101 temp. So I brought her into our bed so she could rest. She wound up using the bathroom like 3 times in the night, just to pee, but still it kept me up!

She seems better today, but still stuffy. So we had to cancel the fun kids club we were in charge of at our complex. The sad thing is I know that she got sick at the doctor's office. Seriously, how can I rectify that situation? Its not just sometimes, its every time we go to the doctor. My kids are very susceptible to stuff!

Then when I went to feed them breakfast I found that the syrup had been put back incorrectly in the pantry. Syrup EVERYWHERE! Thank heavens for the internet that told me to throw a lot of salt on it and then scrape it up with a spatula.

One of the Halloween decorations i had been wanting to try for a long while is specimen jars. So two days ago we went to the store and bought cauliflower for brains, ginger for a swollen appendix, and grapes to look like eyeballs. We put those in water with food coloring so it looked like we were harvesting body organs. I remember thinking a few days ago that it would eventually wind up smelling weird - but I forgot that I had thought that in my excitement and just did it! Last night I kept smelling something gross. I thought that it was the flowers from Naomi's party because you know how after a few days they just get that smell when you don't change the water enough. I threw those out this morning. But the smell was lingering! What was it?? I just couldn't tell! Finally I walked by the organs. There was the smell! Particularly the brain! I had to throw them all out and wash all of the jars. That lead to cleaning the whole kitchen since we had the salt all over the counters from the syrup cleanup already!!

Crazy day already! Now Naomi is begging for a bath because somehow she spilled orange juice all over her stomach and it is sticky. I have no idea how that one would have happened because there is no OJ anywhere else.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Naomi's Birthday Party

Naomi's party was on Saturday. As far as parties go this one was the biggest bust ever!! I had all but one of the kids call to cancel in the last 24 hours - most of them were sick. I hadn't invited very many because it was to be an ALL kids party as opposed to the ones I usually do where its all adults and we eat and chat and the children run around playing. So that was really a shame and hard to sit down to explain to a 5 year old why only 1 person is coming! She had fun though because she has wanted a playdate with this girl for a long time!

As you probably know Naomi is in love with pink and only pink - you'll see in pictures in the next few months that her fall wardrobe consisted of ALL pink shirts! I chose this to be a battle not worth fighting! So for her party she wanted it ALL pink and she wanted unicorns. And that is exactly what she got! Here are the pictures:
From 2009

From 2009
From 2009
From 2009

Party favors: beanie baby unicorns, party horns, a giant unicorn lollipop, and your birthday hat which represents your own personal unicorn horn!
From 2009

Pink lemonade cupcakes served with pink lemonade on a unicorn plate!
From 2009

Naomi's handmade Happy Birthday sign that had to be ALL pink! She didn't want white or black or silver. ALL pink! And I did it!! I didn't know it was possible.
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009

These are Naomi's presents - the two unicorns on the shelf. She loves them!
From 2009

This one was from Grandmom!
From 2009

At least Naomi had fun! It really makes throwing a party feel pointless when no one comes to play. Has me rethinking the entire party-throwing love that I have.

Halloween decorations are mostly up - so pictures of that will come shortly.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Naomi thinks we live in a hotel!

When asked Naomi will tell people that we live in Hotel. Pronounced Ho-Teyl - southern accent? I don't know where it came from! (She also says toilet as toe-let.) We have argued over this point many times! She truly believes that we live in a hotel! She says we moved from Utah to Hotel. I have no idea why she thinks this! We have only ever stayed in a hotel once, when we were in Oklahoma for Brian's grandmother's funeral. At least it was a nice hotel so she at least doesn't think we live in a motel, ya know what I mean??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First of the Halloween Decor

SO we all know I love love Halloween and guess what! Its October! I am once again trying to hold off putting up the decorations because Naomi's birthday is a unicorn themed party and, let's face it, Halloween and unicorns just clash, at least in my mind! I did, however, decide to put up my exterior decorations. I call it Three Witches Live Here and Leave Your Shoes At the Door.

I am having trouble getting all of Naomi's birthday stuff done. I'm just not feeling it for some reason. This has never happened for a party before! Usually I am working non-stop and doing way too much! I still have to make her Happy Birthday sign. I just emailed the invitations today! I didn't even send them out physically - very not like me! I printed one out for me to keep though! I keep cutting out games that I was planning on doing because I don't feel like getting the supplies to set them up. Its really weird! Naomi will be happy just to have it all be pink and unicorn and have a few friends over so that is good!

Then I need to get started on their costumes which I decided to make when I was in a fit of get a lot done and now I am worried I won't want to do it! If all goes well with the house buying which so far it is we'll be moving before the end of October so I will also have to start packing at some point. Plus I need to have the Halloween decorations up for at least most of the month so I'll have to pack around the Halloween decorations! Its crazy! I already know not to count on Brian's help with the packing. We have moved 6 times in the past 6 years and I have packed and unpacked all but maybe 1 box TOTAL. Meaning he doesn't even finish a whole box by himself so if you tally up all 6 moves he might have 1 to his name.

Anyway, crazy stuff happening! I need to get on the ball! And work faster! More fun stuff to come - its that time of year!