Monday, February 8, 2010

Brian Officially Graduated

Did I ever mention that on here?? Brian officially is graduated from BYU. He received his diploma in the mail and everything. It, like a lot of things in our lives, was very non-momentous! Since we didn't do graduation ceremonies, it was just receiving the diploma in the mail and opening it. Granted, he got a nice pay raise, but we didn't even do anything to celebrate yet as I have still been very morning sick.

Same as our anniversary. We had our 7 year anniversary on January 25th, but we didn't do anything. We have postponed any celebration until I feel up to doing - well anything! He did, however, get to go out with some of his friends to a very nice restaurant that he has wanted to go to for awhile but was closing the last day of January so that is how he celebrated our anniversary.

I am now 12 weeks along in the pregnancy and feeling a little better today. I'm hoping that this will last, but you never know, it could just be a good day. I am actually showered and dressed today which hasn't happened in over a month. I was supposed to go to my doctors appointment today but Brian took my car with the carseats to work and was at lunch when I called him to bring the car home. So I am missing the appointment today.

During this last month both of the girls have miraculously grown out of ALL of their clothes and their shoes! haha. They do still fit in their dresses because that is mostly a length issue, but their pants are all way too short. Gwen only has a pair of snow boots to wear for shoes. Its funny, but sad too! I can't wait to get all better so I can start getting them new clothes and start getting stuff ready for the new baby.

When I was pregnant with Naomi I used to look at her and get so excited for her to be a big sister. I knew she was going to love it! Now when I look at Gwen I just feel sad for her not being the baby anymore. I'm sure she will love being a big sister too.