Sunday, October 14, 2012

Naomi's 8th Birthday Party - Spa

Naomi wanted to do a spa party with her friends. I think it turned out quite fun!

All set up. If you don't know, Naomi's obsession is turquoise right now.

Each girl got slippers and a sleep mask, nail file, lip gloss, a mirror, nail polish, and a pouf in their cute turquoise tote.

Naomi wanted this beautiful rosette cake in turquoise. I was terrified to try it, but it was so easy! I am excited to try it again when I will have enough frosting to finish the whole thing. This time it worked out well because we put the candles in the open white part on top.

Aren't the cookies fun?

The girls did chocolate facials. This was hilarious!!! They kept saying, "I hate this!" with giant smiles and giggles! I think they really loved it! They also painted their nails, but I did not get pictures of that part. Too busy!

This stuff was tough to get off!!

They all sang Happy Birthday in French again this year. This time I actually knew it! Naomi chose to have relight candles. They also apparently sparkled a little like sparklers! They were all freaking out because they kept relighting and spitting sparks at them. Also, hilarious!!

All the glorious sugar! I know they all went home super hyper.

We got Naomi Cinderella. So we all watched that as part of our spa retreat.

This was really fun! The girls are all so great and fun to watch together.

Naomi's big present this year was getting her ears pierced. I told her 2 years ago she could do it when she turned 8. Wow, she turned 8 fast! She was very brave!

Photo: She did it!!!!