Friday, May 29, 2009

A Job, A Job, A Job!!

Brian officially got a job offer for a co-op position at L-3 communications West in Salt Lake City! He starts June 15. The co-op only lasts until August when he graduates, but if they like him, basically if he doesn't screw it up, they will hire him full-time. 

So we are looking into moving up that direction pretty soon because Brian HATES, did I emphasize HATES, commuting! as long as we can find something decent up in that area. 

Here is the back story. Brian did his senior project all of last school year with L-3. They really liked his work then. One of the full-time employees actually contacted him about this position, and he interviewed there 2 weeks ago. The guy who called today said that they hired someone to fill the co-op on a longer term basis, but that they created this entirely different co-op position for Brian because they liked him that much! They don't want to hire him as a long term co-op because they say it wouldn't be fair to him to stay on as an intern after he graduates - thus the hiring full-time after he graduates option. (Its all about the pay increase) 

Brian thinks it has something to do with his knowledge of LEAN. I know it all has to do with me keeping a positive attitude! HA! I just said yesterday that we would get a call today that he got the job and we would be moving in a few weeks. The move is still up in the air, but the job part certainly did happen!

Brian is over the moon with relief! And in 2 weeks I will have health benefits! YAY! Internship is happening, money will be coming in, graduation is in site! Woohoo! I think they even have tuition reimbursement for his practicum credits. 

We'll still be in UT, but we are not jobless anymore!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I made this!

From 2009
From 2009
This is what I like to see! Unmatched princess shoes included!
From 2009
Who makes a face like that in a tutu?
From 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rant of the day

I'm actually humming the Sesame Street Letter of the Day song inserting rant instead of letter. 

It was actually yesterday that I needed the rant, but its stuck with  me so I have to tell it to someone besides Brian! 

We were at the Creamery on 9th and had just finished up our ice cream treat. We were walking out of the store which is a slightly tight squeeze considering that it is an entrance to a small shopping market as well as eatery when all of a sudden a lady walked into the store pushing an empty shopping cart. From her mannerisms you would have assumed she was just entering the Creamery about to shop for a few items - instead - she walks into the store maybe 3 steps in and LEAVES the shopping cart directly in the center of the walkway. She just turns and walks out! I was aghast! I just cannot fathom what would cause someone to feel so above everyone else that they just leave it right in the center of the way in and out. It wasn't to either side, just directly in the middle, exactly in front of where our family was walking out, maybe 4 feet away from where you actually store the carts. HONESTLY! Brian was surprised at how upset this tiny fiasco made me, but her sense of entitlement was simply astounding!  

P.S. I need to learn to sew!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Head wounds update:

Here are some other pictures of Naomi's stitches and after the stitches are out. 

This one is day 2, May 6th. I got the courage to clean it up a bit. Looks much better!
From 2009
This is May 9th. 
From 2009
And today! She had the stitches out 2 days ago. She calls them Pitches. The little strips of tape have already fallen off and just won't stick because she scrunches her forehead so much.
From 2009

From 2009
From 2009
What do you guys think? Is it healing well? Or do you think there might be a VERY noticeable scar? 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

All I want...

Today all I wanted was a vanilla/chocolate custard twist with rainbow jimmies - yes jimmies, not sprinkles, jimmies! That is what we call them at home. Like this one:
Except three times bigger than this one! But besides it being Sunday we also don't have custard stands in UT. So even tomorrow I won't get one. Ironically to find this image I had to search for soft serve ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles - not right!

Also I really would like a real live Philly Cheesesteak, though that craving never goes away! We recently found a place called The Cape May Grill here in Provo. Cape May is a city in NJ. I thought it might be a good one. The meat was close, but the bread was AWFUL! Soggy and soft, it needs to be slightly crisped. And no one here can get the cheese right. One place here uses cream cheese, but they also over pepper a ton so I get the cream cheese just to cut the heat from the black pepper.  But its just not right, not right at all!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am so bored!

Lately, I've just been so bored, and I just don't know why!! I'm so bored I don't want to do anything. I feel like I'm doing a lot of sitting and staring at nothing. I'll ask Brian if we can do something, he'll ask like what?, and I'll just reply that I don't know what. Its just awful! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I forgot to mention...

Yesterday was Brian's birthday of all days! He says he never wants to celebrate his birthday again!

Head wounds!

Oh my poor Naomi! She is having a bad 
year! We already know about her February stay 
in the hospital in NJ. So she was terrified of needles 
for quite sometime. She recently decided they were 
ok. However, after last night. She may never get 
over them!

Brian and I had a meeting so we left Naomi and 
Gwen with a friend. I arrived to pick them up 
after our meeting, thank goodness I was there! 
The kids had all been playing a game where 
they climb over a chair and the other kids 
boost you up a little bit to help you get over. 
The younger girl who is 2 years old did not 
understand the concept of the game. 
She pushed Naomi really hard from behind 
so Naomi fell over the chair and hit her 
head, no face, hard against the wall. 
Instantly we saw blood.

Thank goodness for me, my friend's 
mother-in-law was there and she was a 
nurse!! She helped us clean it a bit and put 
some gauze on it. We took her to our 
doctor who is wonderful and has after hours at the 
office. So at 8pm we were able to take her directly 
there and not have to wait like at an ER.

The nurse there was fantastic and helped 
calm Naomi down a lot! She put the numbing 
gel or whatever that was on her head. She did 
2 doses of it. We were able to chat with Naomi 
and take her mind off it for a bit while the gel 
soaked in. She was also able to watch Kung Fu 
Panda while she waited. But then when the doctor 
started to stitch I don't think the gel had worked 
on her. She was terrified, of course, and could see 
what he was doing so she knew it was scary, but
she also could feel it bad. So they had to give her 
5cc of some local anesthesthia. It was so so 
sad because she kept screaming "Someday save me!"
Who knew she would know to say something like
that! Gwen was crying for her too!

Anyway, after the doctor, 2 nurses and Brian held 
her down they got the stitches in. There are only 4, 
and I sure hope it heels up ok. There will be a scar 
because of the direction of the cut. I just really hope 
its not too bad. There are some pictures below if you'd 
like to see. No before pics, just after the stitches.

She is happy today and playing. She is being really 
great about not touching her band-aids. We offered 
her a treat after her stitches last night, but she just 
wanted to go home and sleep. She opted to take her 
treat this morning. In the picture you will see some 
of her chocolate popsicle under her lip. 

She also has quite a bruise on her cheek that also 
hit the wall and a giant scrape on her leg from 
the chair. 

Besides the stay in the hospital, she recently
threw up all over herself in the car on our way
to Brian's chocolate buying place. We pulled
off at a gas station. We vacuumed & shampooed
her car seat, stripped her down in the very windy
outdoors, then had to drive to a nearby Kmart
(Kmart, ugh!) and get her some clothes. So we
threw the vomit clothes out and now have to 
throw out this bloody shirt.

I'm feeling very very protective of her today. 
I don't want her to run around and I have 
decided no playground today. Hopefully I 
can make those feelings fade sooner rather 
than later! On the positive side if she ever
wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween
she'll be authentic!

I'm putting lots of space in case you don't want to 
see her ouchie so scroll down if you do want to 
see it. 

From 2009
From 2009