Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ok, Here is the big question:

I just went through all of the baby clothes I have. I have 6 -30 quart plastic totes, one for each year of clothes so far. If we have a girl this time, I will obviously be using them again. If we have a boy this time, they are all completely useless - I have nothing gender neutral! Ok, I have one green onesie that doesn't have flowers on it. We are still undecided about having any more kids, although at this point the usual answer is we will be done at 3 because I hate being pregnant that much! So I'm wondering how long I should keep these clothes. If its a girl we'll use them, and then should I just get rid of them as the baby outgrows them? If its a boy should I just straight get rid of them all? Or maybe carry them around with me for another 3 years to see if we change our minds and decide to have one more? And then do I continue to add totes to the stash as Naomi outgrows her clothes? I'd probably wind up with almost 12 totes full of clothes. I do keep only the stuff that is in good shape, I don't keep white onesies or socks because they just get so used up! Anyway, any hints? And if we find out we are having a boy, we are going to be needing CLOTHES!! =o)

Our ultrasound just got scheduled for April 9th - so that is the day we will find out! Naomi can't wait!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Single Ladies

Naomi's Favorite song is Single Ladies. She constantly asks to listen to it in the car so when we just happened across the video on TV, I recorded it for her. This is her dancing to it after watching it maybe 4 or 5 times! I am pretty impressed with how she is doing. There are two videos and you don't have to watch them both, but I wanted to get a view with the tv so you could see that she is in sync and then a view from the front to show that she is doing the hand movements even if they are small.

Single Ladies 2 from Carrie Ruggles on Vimeo.

Singles Ladies from Carrie Ruggles on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some videos

Gwen likes to put her hair up in chip clips for some reason. So we did a bunch of them and she was acting all prissy and prim and proper so I had to get it on video!

Gwen Being Silly from Carrie Ruggles on Vimeo.

Naomi and Gwen being really silly! They were just laughing hysterically and once I got the camera Gwen decided she had had too much and Naomi started attacking her with kisses!

Kissing and Laughing from Carrie Ruggles on Vimeo.

I will also be posting a Singles Ladies video soon, once I edit or figure out what I want to do with it!


Brian just had his 6 month review at work. It was possible he could get a slight raise, but he didn't think it was likely because he had just been officially hired full time in January. However, he got the raise! WOOOOOO!! Its small, but talk about great news for how he is doing at work!

What we have been up to:

I have pictures that will be coming but I cannot find my adaptor for the computer to get the pictures onto the computer.

We recently purchased a new couch. Its a sectional, and we are really enjoying it!! We have always had an issue with having a couch and then a separate chair. We never ever had 3 people sit on the couch. They would sit on the floor or double up in the arm chair. And it always made me feel uncomfortable thinking that we weren't providing enough seating or something. So now that we have our sectional it will easily fit 6 adults! And Brian loves that both of us can lay on the couch and cuddle one of our kids at the same time! And we have already had 4 adults plus kids sitting on the couch! Its great so far! An added bonus for me is that we don't look so cluttered like it was looking when we had the couch and chair. There was just always stuff piling up between the couch and chair - and now that can't happen! Whoo! The girls love it too, but I don't really know why they love it. They rarely sat on the couch either. But now they are usually on the couch with me instead of on the floor.

In other news we have finally started our house painting! We painted the kitchen! Our upstairs neighbor used to do professional painting, and he says he enjoys doing it because it calms him. So he came over and helped us with it. It looks amazing! He did all of the cutting in by hand! Amazing!! The color is called Vintage Grey. I like it on its own merit, but I am beginning to think I really wanted a grey that was not as blue as what ours is. We will see. Jesse, our neighbor, said if we don't like it we can just repaint it! And he works for chocolate, nice huh?? Now onto the living room, downstairs bathroom, and the girls room - before the baby is born! I'd also like to get our master bedroom done, maybe.

Now that we painted the kitchen I am really wanting to get granite countertops and new floors! But those will have to wait!

I had my doctors appointment yesterday and all is still looking good. I am going to schedule my 20 week ultrasound to be in about 3 weeks. Then we will finally know if its a boy or a girl! I can't wait to find out!

We have started our official search for a minivan! Brian has a hook up at a used car place. One of his mission companions is the co-owner I think. So once we find what we want - he will buy it for us at auction and then we pay him $500 over what he paid! Fantastic right?? I can't believe it! We are probably going to go with the Honda Odyssey from the last generation, but what color?? I don't want burgundy or gold, maybe blue or grey??

I have also started working on Naomi's kindergarten registration! She is finally getting excited except that she still has a few shots to get. Now everytime we drive past her school she points out to Gwen that that is her school.

I forgot to get this on video but here is Gwen's knock-knock joke.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Applejuice!!!! (Laughs Hysterically)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

When you wish upon a star...

Naomi begged and begged to go outside at night so that she could make a wish on a star. I told her that she could wish on as many stars as she saw. There were a lot of clouds so there weren't many to see. She would close her eyes and cross her fingers like a prayer and make her wish. I said to Brian that I really wanted to know what her wishes were. She said that it was ok that she could tell me. I hurriedly told her that she couldn't because then it wouldn't come true. But she told me that she had wished that she would be able to tell her wishes and that they would still come true. SMARTEST THING EVER!! Right?? So she told me that she wished to be a princess named Aurora and that she wished that she could be a Barbie Musketeer. So cute! She has already decided that what she wants to be when she grows up is a princess and marry a prince. I wonder at what point I should tell her how rare it is to meet a real life prince? Because she wants this to be her profession. Gwen, on the other hand, has told me she wants to be a doctor. Talk about two totally different kids!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Night's Dream

Last night I was dreaming of the library! I started to love going to the library about 3 years ago, but I haven't been since we moved into this house (October). Apparently I am missing the library because it was one of those dreams where I didn't want to stop dreaming about it even though in the dream I was frustrated that I couldn't find the books I wanted to read. I just finished re-reading the Odyssey, and I quite enjoyed it! It wasn't nearly as complicated as I remember it being.

I've been feeling better, and we actually got out of the house this weekend. We bought some much needed new clothes and shoes for the girls. I ate out of the house at a restaurant!! That is a giant step for me! We even got started on thinking about ideas for the backyard once the weather is nicer. And we made our first home improvement - we put a pendant lamp over our sink. Sorry I don't have pictures. We are trying to decide on paint colors for the house because we will be painting soon!

Now that I am feeling better I have to dig into cleaning the house. Its very overwhelming after not cleaning as often as I usually do - I can see every little thing that requires extra attention right now because its been neglected. Normally these things just get taken care of during normal cleanings.

Ok time for breakfast!