Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ok, Here is the big question:

I just went through all of the baby clothes I have. I have 6 -30 quart plastic totes, one for each year of clothes so far. If we have a girl this time, I will obviously be using them again. If we have a boy this time, they are all completely useless - I have nothing gender neutral! Ok, I have one green onesie that doesn't have flowers on it. We are still undecided about having any more kids, although at this point the usual answer is we will be done at 3 because I hate being pregnant that much! So I'm wondering how long I should keep these clothes. If its a girl we'll use them, and then should I just get rid of them as the baby outgrows them? If its a boy should I just straight get rid of them all? Or maybe carry them around with me for another 3 years to see if we change our minds and decide to have one more? And then do I continue to add totes to the stash as Naomi outgrows her clothes? I'd probably wind up with almost 12 totes full of clothes. I do keep only the stuff that is in good shape, I don't keep white onesies or socks because they just get so used up! Anyway, any hints? And if we find out we are having a boy, we are going to be needing CLOTHES!! =o)

Our ultrasound just got scheduled for April 9th - so that is the day we will find out! Naomi can't wait!


Beth said...

I've had some friends lend the clothes to others with the understanding that if they happen to need them again they will give them back. It's the joy of baby clothes I guess! They don't wear them for so long that they get worn out (unless it's a spit uppy baby :) I know my sister would love some clothes hehe. Oh, and if it's a boy we'll have a shower for you and make sure you get lots and lots of clothes!

Ellis Family said...

If its PJ talking.... he would say get rid of them! Well, he's already told me that I have to get rid of them if we have a boy.... even though I want one more after this one.... Maybe he will be making REAL BIG BUCKS by then! HAHA! Good luck! AND I can't wait to see what the ultra sound says!

Jennifer said...

I had tons of totes, too, b/c I was receiving all the hand-me-downs from Faith and Madison year after year. I finally freed myself after Gabe (I think you are having a girl, fyi. No, wait, a boy, no no, a girl.)

Anway, I was lucky to have Sarah's baby girl coming up behind me. I gave her the choice of clothes, and the rest I donated. I figured it would be so long if I had another girl, I'd want more stylish stuff, anyway. And when I take hand-me-downs, now, it is hardly any - just some dresses, some jeans, once in a while a shirt.

After the 9th (woo hoo!) you will know what to do. If it is a boy, I'd totally get rid of them all. As for keeping the girls' clothes now, I did, mostly. They are old enough now that not much lasts longer than they fit. And they are a bit pickier. Argh. You are talking about such a big issue for many of us moms.

OH WAIT - If you have a boy and you have some girl clothes that you just love too much, you can always make a quilt. Then you'd see each fabric and remember the outfit. I wish I had done it with some of the girls' outfits.

The Miller 5 Pack said...

When I was pregnant with our 3rd child I KNEW that I was done. I am sick from beginning to end, and my pregnancies are pretty rough. I would say that if you KNOW that you are done then go ahead and get rid of them, but if you don't know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, then keep them around just in case. : )

Janine said...

I hate baby/kids clothes. They explode all over your house. Seriously. I want to get pregnant again so we can be done and I can get rid of the wrong gender ones. AHHH. But I'm not really that crazy. I say, if you're having a boy do at least a deep clean, getting rid of all but your FAVORITE 4-ish outfits in each size. IT is a step toward freedom, anyway!

Jennifer said...

The big day is this week!!!