Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What we have been up to:

I have pictures that will be coming but I cannot find my adaptor for the computer to get the pictures onto the computer.

We recently purchased a new couch. Its a sectional, and we are really enjoying it!! We have always had an issue with having a couch and then a separate chair. We never ever had 3 people sit on the couch. They would sit on the floor or double up in the arm chair. And it always made me feel uncomfortable thinking that we weren't providing enough seating or something. So now that we have our sectional it will easily fit 6 adults! And Brian loves that both of us can lay on the couch and cuddle one of our kids at the same time! And we have already had 4 adults plus kids sitting on the couch! Its great so far! An added bonus for me is that we don't look so cluttered like it was looking when we had the couch and chair. There was just always stuff piling up between the couch and chair - and now that can't happen! Whoo! The girls love it too, but I don't really know why they love it. They rarely sat on the couch either. But now they are usually on the couch with me instead of on the floor.

In other news we have finally started our house painting! We painted the kitchen! Our upstairs neighbor used to do professional painting, and he says he enjoys doing it because it calms him. So he came over and helped us with it. It looks amazing! He did all of the cutting in by hand! Amazing!! The color is called Vintage Grey. I like it on its own merit, but I am beginning to think I really wanted a grey that was not as blue as what ours is. We will see. Jesse, our neighbor, said if we don't like it we can just repaint it! And he works for chocolate, nice huh?? Now onto the living room, downstairs bathroom, and the girls room - before the baby is born! I'd also like to get our master bedroom done, maybe.

Now that we painted the kitchen I am really wanting to get granite countertops and new floors! But those will have to wait!

I had my doctors appointment yesterday and all is still looking good. I am going to schedule my 20 week ultrasound to be in about 3 weeks. Then we will finally know if its a boy or a girl! I can't wait to find out!

We have started our official search for a minivan! Brian has a hook up at a used car place. One of his mission companions is the co-owner I think. So once we find what we want - he will buy it for us at auction and then we pay him $500 over what he paid! Fantastic right?? I can't believe it! We are probably going to go with the Honda Odyssey from the last generation, but what color?? I don't want burgundy or gold, maybe blue or grey??

I have also started working on Naomi's kindergarten registration! She is finally getting excited except that she still has a few shots to get. Now everytime we drive past her school she points out to Gwen that that is her school.

I forgot to get this on video but here is Gwen's knock-knock joke.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Applejuice!!!! (Laughs Hysterically)

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Ellis Family said...

We just bought a minivanish thing... MAZDA5 and we LOVE IT! It's not quite as big as a van, but it was A LOT less expensive!