Sunday, October 9, 2011

Naomi's 7th Birthday Tea Party

Naomi turned 7 yesterday!! She had a great 2 days! But then last night she threw up the entire night (probably because she ate too much popcorn and slushie at the movie with daddy!)

Friday I spent the entire day prepping the house for her tea party. It was quite a busy day!

The Little girls did a lot of TV time.

Then the tea party began! It was fun! Each girl received a hat and boas and gloves. Then they served themselves mini-sandwiches and fancy little desserts, while I poured hot chocolate for everyone. They all sat nicely and told each other jokes! So sweet!

Then they opened presents and afterwards we had cake.

All of the guests are in Naomi's French class so when I started to sing happy birthday I was overpowered by these sweet girls singing happy birthday in French!! How Cute are they?!?

Saturday morning Naomi woke up and came downstairs to find her present. A nice new acoustic guitar! She loved it and played on it for a very long time. I didn't get any pictures yet and can't get one right now because she is still sleeping it off from being sick.

We headed out for the day and took the train down to Gardner Village.

They got a pony ride and then we rode on a hayride to a little witch's village. Naomi was pretty stunned at the witch's. She wouldn't talk to them. And they sang Happy Birthday to her there.

Then we had the girls get their faces painted.

Last night Naomi had her daddy daughter birthday date. They went to the Copper Onion for dinner. Naomi apparently loved the mashed potatoes, and she does not like mashed potatoes. Naomi and Brian went to see Kung Fu Panda 2, and they both loved it!

When she was going to sleep last night Brian asked her if she enjoyed her birthday. She said it was great! And then 2 hours later she was sick. Sad!