Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy times!

So we are moving on Saturday and our time has been spent packing and organizing and canceling things and starting things. I think I have called Qwest 15 times to figure out what I need to do to cancel the service. We are excited and sad and nervous about yet another move. I'm sure it will be fine. Brian is currently looking for a new job that he can use as his internship for his major. He will be graduating most likely in April of '09...unless he needs a little more time for his independent study courses - then it will be August. We spent the day today helping a friend pick a paint color for her baby's room, then we went on campus to talk to Brian's counselor about graduation and see if he needed to buy a book for his Spring course. So far he doesn't have to! Then we went over to Sam's and checked out the window AC units - we are going to need them in Wymount. 

In case anyone doesn't know - I hate BYU! 

Now for some nice moments with the girls...

This is a daily routine for Gwen. She sits under our dining room table and Eats the leftover food that has been dropped - usually by herself! Brian thinks its disgusting. Normally I would think I would think its disgusting, but I find myself laughing at it everytime! I like that in this picture she looks a bit like a prison inmate!

Here we have Gwen again a prisoner - this time in a packing box! 

Naomi's newest bedtime ritual - she now reads herself to sleep sometimes. Like her gigantic bruise? That happened I think two weeks ago. She ran after me and slammed her face into our armless cushioned chair. For some reason the lack of arm was not a good thing in this situation. The bruise formed instantly - this picture is after it had gone down quite a bit. We are just glad she is old enough now to tell people how things like this happen.

This is Cinderella and Naomi. We went to Brick Oven with Uncle Tim, Cousin Natalie, Tim and Tracy, Tim's girlfriend Liz, Cousin Chris and his wife Colleen, and Cousin Krista and her husband Jared and their two kids, Jeffrey and Marci. It was really fun! Very loud! Anyway, this guy was making these awesome balloon figures! Naomi and Jeffrey each wanted one so bad - badly? I can never remember that one. We didn't know if the guy was going to get to us in time! I was all prepared for the meltdown, but he came over and made Naomi this beautiful Cinderella (who slept with Naomi for two whole nights) and Jeffrey a sword! 

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snow in April

It Snowed!! Again!! In April!!! The girls watched...

Just a cute snuggle moment...perhaps she was sad about the snow!

My Little David Cook Baby

Gwen has many nicknames. Gwenie, Gwen Gwen, Penguin, GG, Gwenie Penny, Big Fat, Baby Beluga....but the one that is almost dearest to my heart is My Little David Cook Head. Please note the following pictures...

The eyes throw it off, but they have the same exact HAIR! The man has my child's hair! haha! We laugh every week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another weekend...

Gwen went on the swings this weekend for the first time. She loved it! However when Uncle Adam took her up to go down the big slide, she cried the entire time. Mostly because she was with Uncle Adam I think. She only liked Adam right before bedtime. Naomi also is a swing junky. She is already learning how to pump her legs to do it herself. She wouldn't go down the big slide though. She would get all the way to the top and then decide to go down the second biggest slide. She doesn't like the covered tube slides for some reason. 

I made a cake this weekend and it didn't fall apart or fall in the center! YAY! 

Gwen knows what is "off limits" to her according to Naomi. This purse Naomi is clutching in her sleep is one of them. So Gwen knows when its her opportunity to steal them. She's very sneaky!

Naomi got to play in her tent this weekend. This was Brian's attempt at a surprise photo to see within the tent!

Gwen was spitting inside this cup. She loves to raspberry right now. She'll even raspberry your cheek.

Another shot within the tent.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mommy's New Haircut

I got my haircut for my birthday - was it 3 weeks ago? Finally - A Picture! This is Naomi's handiwork...Brian has been gone the entire week with school work as its the last week before finals. He comes home after the girls are in bed - and sometimes after I am in bed. Of course he always wakes me up to tell me what he did at school - but not so much to listen to what I did. So welcome to single motherhood! Its not fun!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Anyone else have this problem?

Brian has distinctively taken on the role of "man with servant". We discuss this to get him off his bum and helping with - ANYTHING! In 5 years nothing has worked - anyone have any suggestions? I've tried the leave it so he falls on his face and eventually he'll do it - he doesn't! I have seriously had the man take out 5 bags of trash from my tiny kitchen because he did not take it out. He just actually does not see anything that needs to be done - even after its pointed out to him that it is there to be done it will sit for another 2 -3 days or more because he forgets that i've told him. On that note he does do some of the cooking...although that generally leaves me with a mess that is huge that I have to clean up or leave for a week or two for him to get to. Seriously does anyone have any suggestions or are people just born with this ability?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The season of the bruise

Gwen decided to dive head first out of Brian's arms (while he was sitting down) and land on his guitar. He says she must have heard the term headbanging and taken it literally. Thus the horrible little bruise on her left eye.

Just being cute and clapping for me...

I know you can barely see it, but there is another giant bruise in the middle of her forehead where she stood up next to the tub and then headbanged it! We are not used to a standing Gwenie!

What a nice headshot! "I'm ready for my closeup!" Where's makeup when you need 'em!

What we do

A recent purchase of some hair ties leads to Gwen's new favorite toy. In the crawling picture above she looks like she was attacked by hair ties - they hit her everywhere! What you can't see is that she has one around her ankle too! Has anyone ever seen the movie the Labyrinth? Remember Ludo? That is what I see in the bottom picture!

This was our Conference Sunday. Naomi with playdough while Gwen sucks on something she probably shouldn't.

We went to Target.....
This is one of the outfits we came out with!

Building a Giraffe

Daddy played blocks with Naomi! It was so fun!  If Naomi had asked me to build a giraffe, I would have told her that blocks was not the kind of game to build a giraffe. Sometimes his creativeness astonishes me! Here is his giraffe along with Naomi's (I assume) city skyline!

Friday, April 4, 2008


So we watched the DVD that we rented on our computer so that turned out ok. Until....Brian returned the DVD and....RENTED ANOTHER ONE! hahaha. We totally can't live without our DVD player huh? Funny thing is we haven't been renting many DVD's lately - and then the week it dies, we decide to rent two!! 

Naomi today was doing something - I don't remember what -so I said she was Adorable! And she says to me - "I am not a door apple!" Kids! 

Oh and for my cousin Rachel. I made my playlist at Then went to the section that says add your playlist to your myspace or facebook. Instead of adding it to one of those there is an option to just get the code. I copied the code and put it in my layout under "add a page element". And its considered an  HTML/Java script.