Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy times!

So we are moving on Saturday and our time has been spent packing and organizing and canceling things and starting things. I think I have called Qwest 15 times to figure out what I need to do to cancel the service. We are excited and sad and nervous about yet another move. I'm sure it will be fine. Brian is currently looking for a new job that he can use as his internship for his major. He will be graduating most likely in April of '09...unless he needs a little more time for his independent study courses - then it will be August. We spent the day today helping a friend pick a paint color for her baby's room, then we went on campus to talk to Brian's counselor about graduation and see if he needed to buy a book for his Spring course. So far he doesn't have to! Then we went over to Sam's and checked out the window AC units - we are going to need them in Wymount. 

In case anyone doesn't know - I hate BYU! 

Now for some nice moments with the girls...

This is a daily routine for Gwen. She sits under our dining room table and Eats the leftover food that has been dropped - usually by herself! Brian thinks its disgusting. Normally I would think I would think its disgusting, but I find myself laughing at it everytime! I like that in this picture she looks a bit like a prison inmate!

Here we have Gwen again a prisoner - this time in a packing box! 

Naomi's newest bedtime ritual - she now reads herself to sleep sometimes. Like her gigantic bruise? That happened I think two weeks ago. She ran after me and slammed her face into our armless cushioned chair. For some reason the lack of arm was not a good thing in this situation. The bruise formed instantly - this picture is after it had gone down quite a bit. We are just glad she is old enough now to tell people how things like this happen.

This is Cinderella and Naomi. We went to Brick Oven with Uncle Tim, Cousin Natalie, Tim and Tracy, Tim's girlfriend Liz, Cousin Chris and his wife Colleen, and Cousin Krista and her husband Jared and their two kids, Jeffrey and Marci. It was really fun! Very loud! Anyway, this guy was making these awesome balloon figures! Naomi and Jeffrey each wanted one so bad - badly? I can never remember that one. We didn't know if the guy was going to get to us in time! I was all prepared for the meltdown, but he came over and made Naomi this beautiful Cinderella (who slept with Naomi for two whole nights) and Jeffrey a sword! 


Beth said...

Oh cute pictures! How is the moving going? Do you need anything? Let me know! When are we going to get together? Lets have that fun dinner soon! Love!

Jennifer said...

Moving SUCKS! BYU SUCKS! But your kids? They are precious!

Jon & Chelle said...

ok, so Gwen totally looks like a jail bird. What's she in for? poopy diaper?

Jesse Edwards said...

those pics are so cute!! ! Love the double chin!

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