Sunday, April 6, 2008

The season of the bruise

Gwen decided to dive head first out of Brian's arms (while he was sitting down) and land on his guitar. He says she must have heard the term headbanging and taken it literally. Thus the horrible little bruise on her left eye.

Just being cute and clapping for me...

I know you can barely see it, but there is another giant bruise in the middle of her forehead where she stood up next to the tub and then headbanged it! We are not used to a standing Gwenie!

What a nice headshot! "I'm ready for my closeup!" Where's makeup when you need 'em!


Jennifer said...

I'll comment on all your recent posts here: DARLING! Your family is so pretty and funny and happy. I can tell you are just having so much fun with Gwenie. Gabe is falling all the time, too. And he's a big baby who requires lots of cuddling and love while he sobs about it for 5 whole minutes every time. Also, whenever I tell him no. Also whenever you stop feeding him no matter how full he is. Also when you won't read "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?" for the 10th time in a row. Other than that, though, super happy. Like Gwenie looks all the time! Her eyes are enormous. And the girls look like sisters and still have their own distinct look.

Kathy said...

I cannot believe how big Naomi has gotten! And I'm so jealous of your girls' hair. Gwen even has more hair than Taylor does and she is 3. Your girls are darling though! I was wondering if I could get your email address. Would you mind sending it to me at We miss you guys!

Kathy Rose

Nick said...

What a star! BTW, this is Janine, I'm just to lazy to sign in as me :O