Friday, April 4, 2008


So we watched the DVD that we rented on our computer so that turned out ok. Until....Brian returned the DVD and....RENTED ANOTHER ONE! hahaha. We totally can't live without our DVD player huh? Funny thing is we haven't been renting many DVD's lately - and then the week it dies, we decide to rent two!! 

Naomi today was doing something - I don't remember what -so I said she was Adorable! And she says to me - "I am not a door apple!" Kids! 

Oh and for my cousin Rachel. I made my playlist at Then went to the section that says add your playlist to your myspace or facebook. Instead of adding it to one of those there is an option to just get the code. I copied the code and put it in my layout under "add a page element". And its considered an  HTML/Java script.