Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bianca's Six Month Appt and Valentine's Day

These two were on the same day. I realized it too late that getting baby shots on Valentine's day was probably not the best of ideas. However, Bee did fine. She was pretty cheerful most of the day.

Here are my tiny baby's stats:

13 lbs 13.5 oz puts her at 15% for weight

26.5 inches put her at 85% for height

16 3/4 inches puts her at 50% for head

So her head is perfect, like we didn't already know that!?!?

Hold on - I gotta go get the other girls' stats to compare!

16lbs 7oz 58%
27 inches 87%
42.5 cm 47%

19 lbs 7oz 90%
26 inches 85%

Bee was all happy and smiley at the doctor. Very social! She loved the nurse who came in to give her her shots. Until the shot, when she did the stop breathing crying. As soon as I picked her up, she stopped crying to smile at the nurse. I think she is going to be a people pleaser.

A week ago Naomi had her Teacher conference. She is doing excellent. So she advanced to bringing home books to read. She is loving being a "reader". She will read each book about 7 times in a day. The only complaint from the teacher is that she doesn't get all of her work done because she stops to help other kids get their stuff done before doing her own work. How can we fault her for that?? I don't believe a nicer person has ever been born than Naomi. She makes her bed and gets Gwen to make her bed so she can come in to tell me they did it. One day while I was in the shower she came in to tell me that she had made MY bed! And she did a good job too! But, seriously, what 6 year old makes their parents bed???

Gwen has been having a troubling few weeks. She has quit potty training for the time being. Too much pressure! So we are taking a hiatus until she is a little more ready. She does not care if she gets put into a time out. She will choose to stay there rather than have to do what she needs to to get out of time out. Yesterday she pulled the curtain rod out of the wall in her room. She was at least sorry for this one because she likes her pretty room and was sad that she messed it up. She was crying forever about it. So she didn't receive a big punishment other than no playing in her room for that day. Since Bee was born Gwen was sleeping on her mattress in Naomi's room so she wouldn't be alone. She has now moved into her own room and is doing really well. I thought she would sleep bad when realizing that Naom isn't there, but she is doing better. (Maybe Gnomes' snoring woke her up??) Nay also has nightmares quite a bit. Grandmom has helped that recently because she brought out some worry dolls for her to put under her pillow. Every morning I find a few under her pillow that weren't there the night before.

Brian and I actually went on a date for Valentine's Day. We got babysitters and everything! Best babysitters ever too! They made Valentine's with the girls, and even got Bianca to sleep! We went to Caputos for an Artisan chocolate tasting which was fun because I have never been to a meeting before. I know founder of the Chocolate Society's wife has never been to a chocolate class! Oh and just in case you haven't read this: Brian is famous!