Monday, April 19, 2010

I think her name is...

We have pretty much decided that the new baby's name is going to be Bianca. Every other name we come up with just won't work for some reason or another. So we are going to start calling her that, but its not set in stone yet since she hasn't been born obviously. Brian says he is already calling her Bianca in his head anyway. I sort of am. We are slowly working on a middle name.

Some of our options for a middle are:

Since we had the chance to look at the baby in 3D I have been obsessed with the idea of getting another 3D ultrasound to see more. Its a crazy unnecessary idea but its in my head.

I have started my nesting stage. We are going through every inch of everything and getting together big bags of DI stuff. I'm also very excited for everything we are doing in the girls' rooms. I really need to find my camera hook up so I can post pictures again. Soon!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another decision made!

So I have been racking my brain trying to figure out if I should squeeze all 3 girls into one room or split them up. I decided that I am going to put Naomi in her own room. So I am all set for everything for the little girls, their room will pretty much stay the same as it is now. Then Naomi is going to move into the toy room. There is an added benefit to this when people come to visit. Naomi can give up her room and whoever is staying gets a real bed to sleep in. Too bad that bed is going to be bright pink! haha. So I have a question about decorating Naomi's room.

Here is what I want to do except that we will be changing the beautiful blue colors to two pinks and the top will be brown or maybe grey.

Keeping the pink and brown in mind what should I do for a comforter for her? Something simple would be nice, but with a pattern. Any ideas? Thanks!

Friday, April 9, 2010

And its a....

GIRL! Brian is ecstatic! Everything looked perfect and was measuring well. We even got a glimpse of 3D and her face looks just like Gwen. I have it on DVD so I will be figuring out how to post some pictures from that hopefully later today. It was another good clear gender shot and it was confirmed by the tech and then the doctor. The girls loved seeing the baby's face and legs and feet on the screen. They were pretty good at making stuff out. SO hopefully pictures later today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Tomorrow is our ultrasound! Can't wait to find out more about this little baby!