Monday, June 1, 2009

We are moving!

It is official! We found an apartment we love! Our move date is June 13th. Crazy, huh? We'll be moving to Midvale, UT. Our apartment is twice the size of our current one. We will only have 2 bedrooms, but we are going to have a.....garage!!!! An attached garage that leads directly into the kitchen. So I drive in, unpack my groceries and they are right in front of the fridge and the pantry. It'll be awesome! The kitchen is gigantic  - at least 3 times as big as our current one. It even has an extremely large island with the sink in it so it faces the people not a stupid wall. But who needs a sink when you have a dishwasher! We also have not only a washer/dryer, but a room to put it in, a real whole room! Oh and 2 full bathrooms and a patio with storage. The complex is brand new. They are still building the second half of it so no one has ever lived in our apartment before. Its very exciting, but the next 2 weeks will also be exciting trying to get all of the move in order! I can't wait to post pictures!