Saturday, August 11, 2012

Its only been a year!!

So its been about a year since I posted, but I wanted to share photos of Gwen and Bianca's birthday party. AND I don't want to overload facebook with my boring old pictures.

Gwen and Bia had a combined party. Gwen wanted a rainbow party and, of course, Bia went along for the ride. It was really fun!

I made a few paper rosettes! haha.
We had chocolate covered oreos and rainbow m&m's. (I just picked out all the brown ones and Bia ate them!)
And we had a rainbow fruit platter.
The girls and I made this giant balloon banner. This is how we learned how.
Brian actually took some pics while I wasn't in the room. He is a little more artistic than me!

My cake:

I copied it from Whisk Kid. She seems pretty cool! It was yummy!
I also made a balloon wreath.

I think Naomi has reached the "I think its cool not to smile" phase.
We got a good one!
Brian told them a joke. "What's black and white and red all over..." That's as far as he got and they laughed!
Gwen blew out all of the candles. I may have bought trick candles...I'm still not sure.
Its serious business:
She liked it!
Gwenie did too:
And then they all just played by themselves....
 Not really. They were very good at sharing all of their presents with their friends.
I got them presents too. We just gave them to them on Gwen's actual birthday to celebrate the actual day.
They each got a new baby doll, a doctor kit to share, and Gwen got a princess dress and wings (from daddy). Really, I purchased them, wrapped them, and left them in the garage for him to bring in when he got home! She was ecstatic that daddy bought her special presents!