Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Naomi's weird day!

Naomi woke me up at 8:30 in the morning which is late for her, but early for me considering last night I was up until 2am starting, reading and finishing The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman! She came running in "Wake up!, Wake up! My tooth fell out!" I jumped up very afraid because its way too early. She was pointing at her back tooth too! I looked and looked and nothing was wrong. She said she had been in my bathroom looking at it because it had fallen out while she was asleep. I have come to the conclusion that it was a dream, and I feel bad for her because I have dreams that my teeth fall out all the time and its really scary! Poor thing!

Last night we put both of the girls in their PJs and put them in the car to drive up the NSL to drive around our neighborhood at night, ya know, doing our due diligence, making sure there are no weird smells or loud noises. On the way up there Naomi must have drifted off to sleep because she woke up to tell us that she had peed her panties - and - that we had told her to do it! I was so upset! So we kept driving and stopped awhile later to check since we were on the freeway during the announcement. She hadn't wet her pants at all - I think it was another dream!

Today we went to get Naomi the paper to make her Happy Birthday sign. She wants it all pink! I can't even use black or white for the letters (i'm going to have to use some other color, she will be mad!) Can you imagine hating all other colors? She doesnt like any of them but pink! She is going to be so mad when I paint her room green in our new house! She is even picky on the color pink. On the way home I noticed something off in the distance and pointed it out to her. She said, "wow mommy you sure have shark eyes." haha, Shark! That is how she says sharp. Makes me laugh everytime!

Gwen spent the entire day spinning in circles - because she is a dog - because she is chasing her tail!

Brian went to a Clutch concert tonight so the girls and I had a girls night out. We went next store for some drinks and snacks. Oh yeah, next store is a restaurant called Archibalds. Naomi ordered her entire order by herself. And answered all of the waitresses questions before I could! HIlarious!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So I went to look at the house listed in the previous post. Loved it! Its exactly the same as the other one with a few less upgrades, some of which I like better, and its got a huge backyard for a townhouse! Brian and I put in our offer at about 5:30. Its listed at 189,900 - we offered $185,000 with closing costs paid by seller and we asked for washer/dryer, fridge, and some bar stools that i loved. I thought that might be going too far, but.....

They countered us already! It was 9:30 when Erik called to tell us, Erik is our agent. They gave us all of that stuff, and only raised our offer to $187,000! WOOOHOOO! So after I review the physical offer, I think we will be officially under contract! Wow! I'm a bit surprised, to say the least, and glad!

More will come, I'm sure!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We are not going to get that house

So, we are not going to be getting that house, but there is another in the same area with the same layout that does not have as many upgrades but still seems pretty nice that we are going to look at and most likely bid on. Its listed for sale at $4000 cheaper and they are Motivated!

So here is what happened with the house we bid on. We bid at what our agent says is a reasonable price expecting that they would counter, of course. We do not have a ton of bids out here, we were the only one on this one in 6 months of being on the market. Ok, so here is the numbers. It is listed at 193,900. We bid 185,000 with them covering closing costs we also went ahead and asked for the washer/dryer and fridge. We knew this was to be a starting bid not the final frontier. The dilemma comes in because this person either does not want to sell or has a loan higher than appraisal value. Also his mother is the listing agent.

The counter we received today was that we would have to raise the asking price to $194,900 if we wanted to include the $4000 in closing costs we were asking for and that they would not give us either the fridge or the washer/dryer. Soooo....that is a big fat NO! They have a problem because they are under contract to build a new home, but that one cannot be started until they sell this one - BUT if you all noticed they are NOT going to sell that house! It really wouldn't appraise at that high - so we are moving on because those people are stupid! Our agent has even said the seller's agent is crazy quite a few times.

So - we looked again on the MLS to find a newly listed one that is the same floor plan. I will now include the listing:

So not as many upgrades, but the price is lower so we can add a few things here or there to make it more what we want. The kitchen is still pretty nice just not the ideal like the other one. I pretty much would have hand picked that other kitchen by myself if I could have. Plus the backyard is bigger, and though it is not landscaped now, we can do whatever we want with it since its a giant blank canvas. We are starting to feel a little excited at this prospect, but we, at least I, am really sad about the other one. I just can't see giving in to crazy notions. Maybe, just maybe it would appraise at what they are asking, but I kinda doubt it, as does our agent. They just sold a bunch of brand new ones with quartz countertops and tiled flooring and upgraded lighting and the stainless steel appliances for $189,900 - so I just don't think they would appraise much higher than the new ones sold for.

So this new prospect should hopefully go well since these people are extremely motivated since they are moving out of the state. I will update as soon as I know! Thanks for all of the excitement!

We did it!

Ahhhh! We did it! We made an offer on a home! After looking at quite a few and all of the MLS listings in the entire Salt Lake area, we went with the one I posted on here first, the one in NSL. We hear back tonight about the offer! So nervous! I am actually more nervous, I pointed this out to Brian, than when I got married!! Hilarious! I wasn't actually nervous at all the day I got married so I am weird.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some other homes we are looking at...

So I haven't been inside any of these yet, but I want to share! The last post showed a home in North Salt Lake, no basement, 2 car garage and 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. It is right next to a new Elementary school that everyone is very excited about. And since I am very very nervous about school and kindergarten, the excitement is good for me! I got excited about Naomi going to that school! And its in a nice neighborhood with various sized houses so it'd be a nice mix. That one is my favorite from the pictures thus far.

Here are a few more...

The one below is in Murray. I think its cute on the outside, but no backyard, no garage, however it is 4 bedrooms which is a benefit.

There are two others were going to look at. Both are brand new construction. One is another townhouse done by Ivory Homes in West Jordan just west on the same road that we currently live on. Its only benefit is that it has a basement which Brian wants. All of the living spaces are smaller than the previous post even though the square footage is the same. Its only one car garage which isn't a huge deal, but its in the considerations. I read some bad reviews of the school in that area. And its only surrounded by other townhomes so I think that is a little boring. But no pictures of this one yet. I might take some myself if they let me.

The other new home we are going to look at is in Magna. Its a freestanding Rambler. Also brand new construction. Has a basement, two car garage, but I think its maybe only 1200 square feet which is smaller than I think I would like for the next 3-5 years. But it may have a great lay out and work well so we will see! Also no pics of the inside of this one. Oh, I think it would be nice to have a freestanding house, but Brian would have to mow so BIG negative! haha

One home I am looking at...


Note: the price has come down from where it is listed on this flyer thing!

Besides the weird random faux paint in the living room, I am in love and I haven't even seen it in real life yet. Look at the stove! It looks amazing! Plus, a 2 car garage! Neat! It even says the Fridge stays, but that could be incorrect, who knows!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Events In Utah

Hey there to anyone who currently lives or has lived in Utah or may know about fun Fall events in the area.

I love the fall! I love all of the events that get tied into the Fall season including spilling into the Christmas season. I am trying to plan out our fun activities for the season so if anyone has knowledge of fun Fall, Halloween, Christmas events that take place in the area let me know! Or if you know how to find some things that might be happening that would be appreciated too! We already know about THanksgiving point and Gardner Village activities.

THanks for any help!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Janie

Here is Janie's pink and green. The green is a lot lighter than I thought it was when you put it next to the pink, but it is not as light as it looks in the pictures. Hope its ok that it has flowers on it. We have so much flower stuff here!
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009
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