Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Head wounds update:

Here are some other pictures of Naomi's stitches and after the stitches are out. 

This one is day 2, May 6th. I got the courage to clean it up a bit. Looks much better!
From 2009
This is May 9th. 
From 2009
And today! She had the stitches out 2 days ago. She calls them Pitches. The little strips of tape have already fallen off and just won't stick because she scrunches her forehead so much.
From 2009

From 2009
From 2009
What do you guys think? Is it healing well? Or do you think there might be a VERY noticeable scar? 


Janell said...

I think it is healing well. Be sure to put sunscreen on it all the time and it won't be noticeable. If it gets much sun it will turn a little darker. At least that is what I have been told. She looks good!!

Beth said...

It looks good! It's already so much lighter then Austin's (but Austins looks like a Frankenstein scar and that's cool for boys :)

Jennifer said...

It's tiny. And it is one of those kinds that adds a little interest and mystery. I have always wanted a thin little scar on my eyebrow. I know how weird that sounds. Anyway, the sunscreen is important. You can always get Mederma for kids. It's a scar treatment that is supposed to reduce their appearance. I love you!

Alan and Kiersten said...

it looks great! bri has a darker one on her forehead and it's starting to fade already. we've been putting mederma on it and i think it's helped. or i have heard that vitamin E cream helps also.