Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rant of the day

I'm actually humming the Sesame Street Letter of the Day song inserting rant instead of letter. 

It was actually yesterday that I needed the rant, but its stuck with  me so I have to tell it to someone besides Brian! 

We were at the Creamery on 9th and had just finished up our ice cream treat. We were walking out of the store which is a slightly tight squeeze considering that it is an entrance to a small shopping market as well as eatery when all of a sudden a lady walked into the store pushing an empty shopping cart. From her mannerisms you would have assumed she was just entering the Creamery about to shop for a few items - instead - she walks into the store maybe 3 steps in and LEAVES the shopping cart directly in the center of the walkway. She just turns and walks out! I was aghast! I just cannot fathom what would cause someone to feel so above everyone else that they just leave it right in the center of the way in and out. It wasn't to either side, just directly in the middle, exactly in front of where our family was walking out, maybe 4 feet away from where you actually store the carts. HONESTLY! Brian was surprised at how upset this tiny fiasco made me, but her sense of entitlement was simply astounding!  

P.S. I need to learn to sew!


Nathan & Katelyn said...

Ok so I might be a Hypocrite or whatever but that would TOTALLY bug me too!!! However... When I'm coming out of walmart or a store like that and Im not parked by the cart drop off, I totally leave my cart by the front of my car. They can't expect me to leave my child in the car while I return their cart 300 ft away. :)

Jennifer said...

Where does sewing fit into the rant? Or is it separate? I'm sorry that lady pissed you off. I've had a few of those in my day.

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, sorry, sewing is totally separate - that is the positive thing on my mind. I should have wrote "on a different note".

I often will leave my cart by my car too. If its a good day I will take the kids with me to the cart drop off and then walk them back over to the car, but that is not often. I actually look for spots next to the drop off. But this woman walked all the way from her car back into the store within feet of the cart drop off and left it! I'm still mad!

Mallory said...

I gotta be honest, Carrie--it drives me crazy to see shopping carts left at random in a parking lot. That lady is absolutely ridiculous. There is NO way I could've stopped myself from saying something. Like really? You couldn't finish that lenghty trip to the carts to park that thing? Then I'd shove the cart at her. How's that for overreacting?

Alan and Kiersten said...

ha ha i need to learn to sew too! i hate when people do that too! i admit i leave carts in parking lots if i'm no where near one. but like i'm going to leave brilynn all alone in the car! if it's nice out i also just take her with me to put the cart away.