Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm looking for some tips for organization/storage.

What do you do with your kids' stuffed animals? Right now I have them in a hamper which is ok, but there are stuffed animals in the bottom there that NEVER get played with and I feel sorry for them. What do you do with yours so that the kids can play with them, but they aren't just strewn about the room (which honestly ours are sometimes just strewn about the room for days on end).

Also, for any crafty people, what do you do to store all of your supplies? I have mine in this awful box that I bought at Ikea and its falling apart. It was cardboard so there was my first mistake, but I didn't have very much when I purchased the box so it all fit nicely, now I have a lot of craft supplies and its just bulging over and I have things in plastic bags and I don't like it!! What do you do to keep your stuff in order and make it findable and usable, but still somewhat portable. I don't ever need everything from the box, but I also don't have a craft room, its just the box in the closet. In the new place I might have a more permanent spot for it, but it still won't be a room. I've thought of getting little plastic storage boxes and separating things out by type and then putting all of that in a bin or bigger box. Anyway, any tips would be great!!


Jennifer said...

I'm not crafty or organized.

BUT, I have a stuffed animal idea - rotate them out. I've done it with my kids toys, and it works great. Just leave out the amount that you can deal with and store away the others, trade them out in a few weeks or days or whatever.

Beth said...

Before I realized that I hate scrapbooking and gave all of my stuff away I used one of those three drawer plastic containers. They have bigger ones that have more drawers and in different sizes too. They are quite handy for organizing craft stuff. And you could even put a label on the outside of each drawer telling you what is in it. A drawer for paper, pens, ribbon...etc. You've probably thought of that but there it is!! :)

Jessica said...

i am at a loss on that topic too carrie. I have a closet full of art supplies, crafts, and memorabilia that I thought was organized but is definitly not. I live in a small space so it doesnt seem to matter what I do to try an organize it- its never easy to get to! Sorry I know this didnt help answer your questions but I feel ya pain!