Monday, October 19, 2009


We have a lovely little back patio that the girls like to play on. Usually I just let them play out their by themselves while I do dishes or read. Today I heard them talking to someone while I was in my bedroom packing a box of books. When I came out to see who it was there was no one there. I asked who it was and Naomi said it was the tall boy. This means nothing! So I stayed in the living room to watch. Then a boy who was probably 8 or 9 comes running along the building and comes over to our patio and then asks if he can come in. I said no. He asked why. I replied, "well, we don't know you" So he introduces himself which was nice, but still we don't know him, nor do we know his parents, or even where he lives for that matter. So he asks again, can he come in. I once again say no and get the girls to come inside so we don't have to deal with it any longer. When I told Brian about it, he just says "awww." I was like, "awww"???? He thinks its sad that the time that we live in has gotten to be like that. But even so, we don't know him, he's twice Naomi's age, a boy, who once again we don't know! Naomi and I had to sit down to have yet another talk about talking to strangers and why its not ok to have them into your house.

On a lighter note:

Gwen has decided that her hand is a baby! Yes, instead of playing with a babydoll or any of the myriad toys they own she has decided to pretend that her hand is a baby. Its cheap, at least! The baby cries and needs to be swaddled sometimes. It also eats! Now when Gwen plays with her toys, I can sometimes see the baby playing along with her. She "walks" it through her pop-up books or Noah's ark. Its funny and strange I think too!


LeslieK said...

My little niece who's 3 (and lives in Foxboro) also has a little "baby" she carries with her. It can be problematic, like "mommmy we can't close the car door b/c my baby is on the ground!" But it is very cute =) She and Gwen would get along great! Let me know when you're moving in and I'll give my sister your facebook info (if you want =))

Alan and Kiersten said...

i TOTALLY AGREE!!! SCARY! i agree that it is sad that this is the time we live in but it just is. you just never know! and that's hilarious about gwen...i was seriously cracking up! kids!