Friday, October 30, 2009

Haunted Apartment

I'm currently wondering if our apartment might be haunted - or perhaps it was one of those dreams where everything seems real. Last night i was aware that I was having a dream about a ghost haunting our apartment. When I woke up from the dream with fright, I felt a slight tickle on my ear as if someone was breathing on it. I get tickles often so I just pulled my covers over my ear. When I did that, Brian suddenly leaned over very close to my face and was breathing heavily onto my face. I thought it was weird because of the timing. Its almost as if the "ghost", if you will, made Brian do that so it could keep breathing on me. That was the first time I wondered, "Am I dreaming now? or am I awake?" What's odd is that I kept having that dream about the ghost throughout the night. At one point I woke up and looked into the kitchen area and thought I saw a figure standing there, I'm pretty sure it was just the stack of boxes. Another time I woke up I thought I heard people talking, could have been the neighbors. Then just before i woke up I heard a basketball bouncing as if it was right next to my bed. My initial thought was that it was Brian bouncing a basketball right next to our bed and I thought he must be crazy! But he wasn't even home. Even more odd was that neither one of the girls got up in the entire night. Usually at least one of them wakes me up for something. ANd lately its been Naomi having bad dreams and coming into bed with us. (She is oddly dreaming about wolves again which happened right after we moved into Wymount and she was terrified of the wolves!) I feel like there were some other odd happenings in the night but I can't remember them all right now. Weird, right? Its either the stress, the fact that its Halloween, or there really is a ghost. If there is a ghost then at least we are moving out, unless its attached to one of us! woooo!


Beth said...

woaah creepy! good thing you are moving tomorrow! I'm so so excited that you're moving into your house. so excited!!!

Chanda said...

I totally got chills reading that.

Ian said...

You didn't watch Paranormal Activity, did you? Because that sounds almost straight from the movie. I don't recommend you watch it, especially if you are already having scary dreams and weird feelings. It is way too scary.