Friday, November 6, 2009

Living Room stuck

So, I am pretty clear about most of the ideas I want to do in the house. I am, however, stuck on the living room. Right now it is red and that will do perfectly all through Christmas time because its Christmas! Anyway, eventually I want to switch over to blues and greens in the living room. Usually what I do is fine an inspiration room and take ideas from that or a few inspiration rooms. I am having trouble find just the right inspiration room though! I found one that I like the colors ok, but the walls are tan. So, any suggestions on what color I should paint the walls?? Here is my quasi inspiration room:
I really don't want it to look too beachy! I don't like the beach house look very much for my house. So any ideas?

I am really going to have to start painting soon, at least the girls room and maybe the kitchen because all of the tan is driving me crazy! Maybe I'll paint ALL the little rooms and then do the living room last. I am excited for the laundry room because I am going to paint it a pumpkin orange because you've got to have a bright laundry room!!

Here is my idea for the girls' bedroom. Its the easiest one for me to do because I've been planning it so long. Here are my inspiration rooms:

And then this is my inspiration colors for the Master, we will not have the zebra stripes though!:


Nathan & Katelyn said...

FUN!!!! You're a home OWNER!!!!!!!!!

Chanda said...

We are totally on the same wave length. I have a red living room and want to transition to blues and greens with little pops of red. I have to wait till we move though because our house has floor to ceiling burgundy drapes. Very overpowering. I've got a model room I tore out of a magazine. I'll show it to you at Christmas.