Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a day! And its only 11am!

Last night poor Naomi woke up and was crying because she missed a friend's baby sister, Danica. I thought that was extremely weird. She kept waking up so I took her temperature, and she had a 101 temp. So I brought her into our bed so she could rest. She wound up using the bathroom like 3 times in the night, just to pee, but still it kept me up!

She seems better today, but still stuffy. So we had to cancel the fun kids club we were in charge of at our complex. The sad thing is I know that she got sick at the doctor's office. Seriously, how can I rectify that situation? Its not just sometimes, its every time we go to the doctor. My kids are very susceptible to stuff!

Then when I went to feed them breakfast I found that the syrup had been put back incorrectly in the pantry. Syrup EVERYWHERE! Thank heavens for the internet that told me to throw a lot of salt on it and then scrape it up with a spatula.

One of the Halloween decorations i had been wanting to try for a long while is specimen jars. So two days ago we went to the store and bought cauliflower for brains, ginger for a swollen appendix, and grapes to look like eyeballs. We put those in water with food coloring so it looked like we were harvesting body organs. I remember thinking a few days ago that it would eventually wind up smelling weird - but I forgot that I had thought that in my excitement and just did it! Last night I kept smelling something gross. I thought that it was the flowers from Naomi's party because you know how after a few days they just get that smell when you don't change the water enough. I threw those out this morning. But the smell was lingering! What was it?? I just couldn't tell! Finally I walked by the organs. There was the smell! Particularly the brain! I had to throw them all out and wash all of the jars. That lead to cleaning the whole kitchen since we had the salt all over the counters from the syrup cleanup already!!

Crazy day already! Now Naomi is begging for a bath because somehow she spilled orange juice all over her stomach and it is sticky. I have no idea how that one would have happened because there is no OJ anywhere else.


Joan said...

Whew! Sounds like fun! Just kidding. I hope your day has gotten better!! And I hear you about getting sick at the doctor's office! We wash our hands like mad people and we still seem to bring something home with us after each visit. :(

Jennifer said...

My mom stopped taking us to the pede for that very same reason.