Monday, September 29, 2008

Singing Gwen to Sleep

Every night Brian sings both girls to sleep. It takes a bit longer to get Gwen to sleep. For some reason lately when he puts Gwen down instead of peacefully rolling over and going to sleep, she decides to scream her head off for who knows how long! Poor little Naomi has been coming out and saying, "Gwen's too loud! I can't sleep". So she will sometimes fall asleep on the couch or just wait until Gwen is done. Anyway, last night Gwen began her howling screams and then a few minutes later I hear this soft voice singing and then Gwen gets quiet. Naomi was singing her to sleep! Gwen didn't cry at all the rest of the night; she fell asleep to Naomi's singing! Naomi came out to Brian a little after she had fallen asleep to tell him that Gwen was ok now and not to worry! So funny! I hope she keeps it up! It'll save a lot of stress for us!


Jennifer said...

That is so sweet! Charlotte complains that Claire keeps her up, too. The other night, Andy went up to check on them. Charlotte was sleeping and Claire was singing herself to sleep. Kids are so great!

Janine said...

Thanks for the story, I loved it.