Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For my Aunt Carol

Today we received a package at our door! Naomi always gets excited for packages and then is usually let down when its something boring for me or Brian. Sometimes stuff is for her, but even then its usually addressed to me. This time, however, the package was addressed to Naomi! Not only that, but I wasn't even expecting anything for her! So as she jumped and jumped in place asking what is it mommy? what is it?? I cut open the brown box and pulled out a gorgeously polka dotted shirt box from Gymboree! She ran to the couch with it full of giggles and ecstatic exclamation! She opened it up and pulled out a pretty little green peasant shirt. She held it in her hands so carefully and delicately as if it would break. She turned to me and said, "It is just so beautiful! Is it for me?" And yes, it was for her! She absolutely loved it! Thanks so much Carol for the shirt! She, honestly, will treasure it! If only I had had the camera on her!


Beth said...

what a sweet story! It makes me want to send her packages! :) I kind of act the same way when I get packages.

jeanine said...

I can't believe how big Naomi has gotten! I guess I still picture her the same age as when you guys passed through Oklahoma a few years back. Your girls are so cute!

Ben and Annalee said...

Hey! I saw you off Jen's site. Yay, now I can stalk you! Your girls are beautiful. You have a counter for when Brian finishes school? That is hilarious. I need one of those for Ben! I have your yahoo e-mail address and I'll send you an invite to our blog at that address but if you have a different one, let me know. annaleehunsaker@hotmail.com