Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jury Duty and Fall is coming!

Today I had to attend the Jury selection process part of Jury duty. I have been summoned to Jury duty 4 times in the almost 6 years Brian and I have been married, but never had to attend an actual selection. Today I was not so lucky. I think I've mentioned before that I understand the system and do believe it is my obligation and right to be a part of the Jury process. Its wonderful, but at the same time, why me? haha! Its was a weird mix of just wanting to get home to my girls and also being really interested in being part of a trial! Anyway, I had to arrive at 8am so that I could wait outside as the courthouse wasn't even opened to us yet. Once they let us in, we still sat around. Once again, I understand the whole process and why it is the way it is, but it makes me so anxious to just sit! Brian says its because I'm not a born Texan and haven't been fully incorporated into their way of life. So maybe someday...   We filled out a sheet that just made me laugh almost out loud several times. What are my 3 favorite TV shows? How funny! It honestly makes me upset when people say that any smart person can get out of jury duty - so why am I going? I can't believe people would be so rude! I do know how I could get out of jury duty, but I don't want to leave people to be tried by all the dumb people in the world. We should all feel the same way for that maybe someday when you are on trial perhaps for something you didn't even do! Who knows what could happen - and you certainly don't want all idiots judging your trial! So after all of the sitting and the good half hour lecture and then question and answer session on the jury system's origination etc. I was not selected to be on the Jury.

But the best of news is that Fall is coming!! It was quite chilly outside this morning as I waited to be let into the courtroom. Yesterday in the doctor's office they already had Halloween decorations up. And all of the stores have their Halloween/Fall stuff for sale. Its such a hard thing for me to walk past! Brian and I don't understand my obsession with Halloween, but I want to own every Halloween decoration out there! I had to walk away from a set of foam rusty chains! I could hardly do it; I wanted them so bad! So in attempting to stave off the need to put up all of the Halloween stuff, I have allowed myself to set up a pumpkin or two and some fall scented candles in pretty fall colors. Hopefully this will hold me over until the appropriate time to begin the decorating. Luckily Naomi's princess party comes in before I want to put the Halloween stuff up - No Princess party should have skulls or black roses around the house! But the Monday after the party is when Halloween will truly begin! Did I mention that for Halloween I am going to be Cruella DeVille and the girls will be my dalmation puppies? Oooo....so much excitement!

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