Friday, September 5, 2008

Faux Dependent!

This is what Naomi is : Faux Dependent.

We have recently been noticing more and more that Naomi does not NEED us in anyway! She is quite the brilliant little one! 

She is very obsessive about stopping at stop lights and stop signs! She gets very upset if we don't move the instant it turns green or when we are waiting to turn left. Very astute!

She identified a song that Brian sings to her and Gwen every night when it was on the radio having not heard it in conjunction with Brian's singing ever before! I was very impressed with that!

The other day when we were in a public bathroom she noticed that it echoed. Naomi proceeded to tell me that the sound bounces off the walls in waves!!! Say what?? How does she know that? 
So with all of the new things she is noticing now, Brian and I wonder why it is that she can't find something sitting right next to her while we point at it and describe where it is in relation to her. We've decided that she is faking it! She has to know exactly where it is, the girl sees everything! So she fakes it to make us think she still needs us! Crazy!

In other news, she is no longer obsessed with wearing dresses all the time! We went out to purchase some fall clothes, and now she is ok with wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I am so glad; its just a shame that none of her 3T clothes got worn! 

She wants to brush her OWN teeth now! I always have to follow up because I'm obsessed with that, but she does pretty good all on her own! She touches every single tooth with the toothbrush at least once - she'll still need tons of practice! 

While at the dentist, she was able to get the xrays taken without gagging. (we discussed the xray situation for about an hour before going to the dentist) She let them clean the top teeth and then decided she didn't like it. She was very polite - she didn't cry. She just firmly told the dental assistant "No, please, I don't like it." So the dental assistant stopped and we moved on! 


Sarah Kay said...

what a kick she is! That's hilarious.

Jennifer said...

Smarty Pants, that girl is! You made me laugh out loud!

Beth said...

She's so smart!! And so dang cute! I love your stories about the girls! They always make me laugh.

Ellis Family said...

I can only laugh at all your blogs because your family is identical to mine! Janie is the same way! She is so obsessive, bright, and yet so spacey at times. She too, is obsessed w/stop lights and our driving, notices her songs that PJ sings to her, and HAS to wear a dress at least every other day! In fact, for her birthday we are having a FANCY NANCY bday party (book character). I swear, our families are the same! lol
On another note, PJ just came across this article about grocery shopping (
We actually managed to only spend 200 dollars on groceries the other day to last us two weeks.
(That was w/out diapers, medicines, and cleaning supplies)I'm not sure if it will last us, but we will see. :)

Alan and Kiersten said...

ha ha...that's hilarious! she is sure a smart girl! and good job for catching on mom! lol! she's so dang cute! oh and i'm terrible at commenting too! but i love looking at your blog!