Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quick Easy Recipes (that Brian has actually liked!)

I am always looking for something fast and easy to throw together. Brian rarely likes these meals though. He thinks himself a foodie, but these meals prove otherwise! He doesn't even usually like my crock pot meals. Anything that goes together in one pot is a "casserole" and forbidden. Anyway, I made these two up sort of by myself, obviously not all the way.

If you love Ikea Swedish Meatballs like we do - this will work for you too!
We take frozen meatballs and the Swedish meatball package of gravy and follow the directions for the gravy and warming the meatballs together in a pot. (20 min.) Then at the end add some soy sauce, just a little. We served it with canned whole potatoes and cranberry sauce. This way no driving to Ikea to purchase these ingredients. The cranberries aren't as good as the Lingonberries, but will do.

A very fast version of Chicken Parmesan. Now I know a lot of people will think this is gross, but it just makes it so much faster so we use the Tyson breaded chicken patties.
Anyway, I cook the chicken patties as directed, and take them out 5 minutes before the time says they should be done. I put some marinara sauce on the bottom of a casserole dish (I used 9x9)  so they don't stick, then lay the patties down. Mine even overlapped a bit. A good amount of mozzarella cheese onto each patty, then more sauce and a bit more cheese for good measure. Then into the oven again for 15 minutes to make sure the sauce gets good and hot!

Brian actually ate each of these! He even requested the Chicken Parm one several times a week. 

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Joan said...

Oh my goodness, can I just tell you that sometimes when I'm reading your blog I think we must live the same life? Ha! Seriously. :) (Like the one about Naomi being faux dependent... Janiah EXACTLY.)

Anyway, I have a few meals like this. Joshua's the same way about the forbidden casseroles... PLUS he doesn't like beef. Hooray! (Sarcasm noted!) :)
P.S.--Thank you SO much for the use of your family photos for my cards!! I've got a few samples just about ready to go out, so I'll share once their done.
*whew* long comment.