Monday, September 22, 2008


Here we have the girls in their new PJ's from Grandmom!

Naomi in her new shirt from Aunt Carol. She later put on the cutest hat to wear while we were out! I LOVE this outfit!

Gwen at the park with her pigtails for the first time! 

Naomi and her friend Tiago just about to push her down to the ground.

Gwen's "are you serious" face! I love this one! I'm so glad she let me get it on camera!

This is right after Naomi got pushed down to the ground! She does not understand pushing, especially because she always asks so nicely ,"Please don't push me." She's just too sweet!

Naomi is having quite a day today! She is perfectly  happy, but she has not stopped talking since I woke up! Its been non-stop, constant chatter about everything. You'd think after I acknowledge what she is saying she'd at least change the subject, but she went on for 10  minutes about a green umbrella!! Its really gets the nerves all twisted into knots! My brain spins when she does this! 

Gwen did NOT sleep last night! I have no idea where these episodes come from. There might be a slight cold or something maybe teething, but she'll just sit awake for hours. I don't get it! never will! - totally lost my train of thought as Naomi just started yammering again about some DVD and whether or not we have it.

I am sick again! I have a cold, its only a little one, but I'm very upset and out of sorts as to what to do about being sick AGAIN!!


Beth said...

Cuuuute!!! I love Gwenny's are you serious face and I love that you took a picture of your sweet sweet girl crying because someone pushed her. haha Fabulous! I wish everyone in the world could be just as sweet.

Alan and Kiersten said...

your girls are SOOOO cute! i love their little outfits! and poor naomi! that was a pretty sad face!

JoDee said...

Oh your girlies are as sweet as can be. I love Gwen's pigtails! They look so yummy I just want to eat them!