Monday, September 8, 2008

Persuasion Down

With being sick lately, my brain hasn't been able to handle reading so just yesterday I finally picked up Persuasion! It was great! I read it before during college, but it didn't have the same meaning, plus I read it so quickly and while reading for 6 or so other classes. Anyway, I have such a love-hate relationship with the Austen era. I love the excitment when the romance is finally requited! At the same time while reading I just want to push Anne over to Wentworth and make them talk it out when they first meet again, but then we wouldn't have the heart-stopping letter that reunites them! Isn't it amazing the parallels that we see even today? I am very glad we don't live in a society of such rules and propriety! 

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Sarah Kay said...

Same here: I love reading about other people living it. I can't imagine being confined to the status of my gender and family fortune (or lack thereof).