Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And Gwen Some

Look at me! I walk now!

I learned how to stuff my waffles into my chair! How gross, but so fun! I thought I was being so sneaky, but mommy caught me!

I recently learned that I like TV.  For some reason, Mommy is always moving me away from here.

I love to cuddle with my sister and daddy. 

And comfort my sister when she doesn't feel well! I understand because I had the same thing!

Gwen words:

and we think we heard an Amen the other day.


Jesse Edwards said...

can I get an AMEN!!!

How cute! I love all the pics!

JoDee said...

What a little cutie! Love the waffle stuffing! And wouldn't you think with a big screen they wouldn't feel the need to stand RIGHT in front of the TV?? I am constantly pulling Olivia back!

JoDee said...
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