Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Gwen!!

Yay for being 1!!

Here is the big girl! On her feet she wears her coolest present by far! Those little moccasins were handmade by Carlee Dynes, she and her husband, Adam were here with their son Jack! I didn't get any pictures of the kids, but Jack and Gwen were actually playing together!

Uncle Tracy and Uncle Tim were in attendance as well! Here they are practicing their gang signs.

Brian helped me design our rooftop flower made out of streamers.

King of the mountain!

Guess who the presents are really for? See Naomi's face! What is always really funny to me is that both Naomi and Gwen were there when I bought this farm toy, they also both saw me bring it inside from the car a few days before. The wrapping, however, was done at night so the surprise was still tremendous!

She's such a contemplative girl.

She was a little hesitant at first. 

And then it was really good! She ate the entire thing!

We had a very nice time! It was a lower turn out than we thought, but it was very casual that way. We only had 4 guests as opposed to the 16 we invited. That should teach me to actually mail invitations as opposed to just make some phone calls.

I was very happy though because I did impress Tim and Tracy with my going-all-out-on-parties abilities! 

After the Dynes' left, we put the girls to bed, and I headed down to the church to enter in all of the August Visiting Teaching companionships. It took quite awhile. Then when I came home I was up until 2 am typing them into a pretty format, printing, and cutting. Then I made some cute background to hold the assignments with magnets! It was quite daunting, but I'm glad I got them all done. 

At midnight we got a call from Andy, Brian's oldest brother, saying he was in town and wondered if we were still awake. He came over to visit with Tim and Tracy in tow for about an hour or so! Quite the fun adventure! Brian was so surprised that I said it was ok for them to come over, especially since we had 8am church. 

We made it to church only about 10 minutes late! Surprisingly! I was so exhausted that I talked a lot more than I usually do during each of my classes, also volunteering myself for a prayer and to conduct the music. Very much not like me, but it worked quite well to keep me awake! 

Gwen wore her adorable moccasins, and they stayed on her feet the entire time. If you want any Carlee is accepting customized orders- let me know!

I'm hosting book club this month for Relief Society so read along with me. We are reading A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban. It should be a fun quick read!  


Jon and Chelle said...

What a cutie!!! LOVE the decorations! I'm sad I didn't make it =(, life is just too busy. I do have a little present I picked up for her forever ago, It's sitting in the back of my car, do you think I could bring it over sometime? I usually get off work around 6, if that helps!

Beth said...

Oh seeing all of the pictures just makes me wish I was there. I hate being torn between two good things :( I'm glad it was a fun party though! What is your day like this Saturday? Maybe we can fit some good quality time in? Let me know! Love you! Great job on the party, you're such a great mommy!

Jennifer said...

Hurray for the party!!! It looks gorgeous. And fun! I'm glad that it was so fun! I wish I could've been there - those cupcakes look exceptionally delicious!!!

JoDee said...

Oh you look like the queen of party planning and hosting - you should start a business! I am awe of your skills ...

Alan and Kiersten said...

i can't believe she's one already! she is the cutest! and you're the best party decorator mom ever! you can come up here for brilynn's 1st birthday and decorate for me, ok? plan for feb 12th! haha!