Thursday, August 14, 2008

A quick story - with a moral!

I promise more pictures of the girls will be coming soon! 

Gwen is currently sick again so we are just trying to work through it!

Now for my story with a moral!

Most of you know that I'm pretty crazy about things! For example, I recently ordered a few things online: girls halloween costumes, my halloween costume accessory, and the new stephanie meyers books (Breaking Dawn and The Host). I decided it was time to just order the books because I was NOT going to be getting those from the Library anytime soon! So, when I order things online I track them daily on their tracking websites. Its crazy, I realize this! So yesterday I did not check because of Gwen's sickness. Today when I checked two of the packages say delivered on August 13th. I had received NO packages! Brian had already checked the mail today so I was livid! Well not yet livid, but I was worried! I went out to the mailbox to double check if there had been a delivery key in the box - there was not. I opened the delivery boxes anyway and there inside were my two packages! 

Moral - If I had not been so crazy I would have lost my packages to someone else! Anyone could have taken them at anytime!

So now I have to decide if I should read Breaking Dawn or The Host first. I'm pretty sure I'll go with Breaking Dawn! 

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Jennifer said...

You goose! I'm SO glad your packages were there!!