Monday, August 18, 2008

Sick, sick, sick sick, SiiiiiiiiiiicK!

Our family is once again SICK! We were down for two whole weeks last month - completely lost from the world! At least that was a common cold. What we have right now - I have no idea what it is! 

We took Gwen to the doctor on Saturday (her doctor has a clinic on Saturday and after hours - we can reach at least a nurse 24 hours a day!). She had a swollen throat with a little puss on it, fluid in her ears, pink eye, stuffy head and RUNNY nose. They put her on Amoxicillin. First time either of our girls have been put on antibiotics of any sort. (We have been REALLY lucky!) 

Saturday evening Brian and I got hit with the worst soreness ever! Neither of us wanted to move! Sore throats, headache, ear pain, watery eyes, congestion. I have to say the sore throat is the WORST! Sunday we were dumb and had family over - Natalie, her boyfriend Wes, Tim, and Tracy. We felt bad about canceling so we didn't. 

So today my sore throat was an 8 on the pain scale. My deliveries didn't even go that high to me (mostly just kidding). Brian searched around for a cheap clinic for me. I do not have insurance. We found one in Payson so we drove down and I was able to see a VERY nice doctor. They did a strep test and put me on Amoxicillin. 

On the way home we noticed Gwen had a rash on her legs and under her arms. We took her immediately to the doctor. The office people seriously asked us if we had their phone number!! I was like YES I HAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER! I'm so tired of people assuming I'm an idiot because I break a pattern! My one year old daughter just broke out in a rash after starting Amoxicillin for the first time! It was either rush her in or take her to the emergency room later. I chose to test my luck with the doctor I already knew. I hate condescending people! Anyway - they did get her back (quicker than her normal visits I might add), they looked at Naomi too. The doctor wasn't 100% that it was an allergy rash but to be safe he wanted to take her off the Amox. Naomi wasn't so bad but he did prescribe an eye drop for her. Naomi is VERY good at going to the doctor and being brave; she also takes her medicines very well even if they are kinda scary, like eye drops. Her strep test was negative.

I still do not feel any better! This is the worst sore throat EVER! The worst of our worries is that it might be Mono. We babysat for 3 children because their mother has Mono. The doctors were not particularly encouraging because the symptoms do fit, particularly Gwen's rash. Unfortunately even tests at this point wouldn't show up positive yet so we have to wait and see if the symptoms persist. I have NO IDEA what we would do if we all 4 have mono!! I think I'll just curl up and die! 


Chanda said...

Carrie, I'm so sorry! Hell on earth, that's what it is. I got mono at BYU and it was truly terrible so I'm hoping you guys have the flu/a cold. We are also sick although not as bad as ya'll. Isn't it still summer there? What's the deal?

Jennifer said...

Oh, Care! I'm praying for you so hard. I love y'all.

Jennifer said...
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Janine said...

Mono sucks, and I really, really hope that your little girls don't have it. Let us know if we can do anything (and good job blogging!)