Saturday, August 1, 2009

Apartment Pictures!!!

Finally we got that last shelf up! I kept telling myself to just post some of the pictures and do it in segments, but I really just wanted to do it all at once. I seriously took pictures of everything so hopefully it will be like a little walking tour. Warning: there will be a lot of pictures to follow!

Exterior, that is our garage!
From 2009

From 2009

Inside of Front door, to the right is the hallway closet!
From 2009

Hallway to girls' bathroom, the door on the left is the hallway closet next to the front door
From 2009

Girls' Bathroom, Naomi and I argued over this bathroom forever. She wanted pink, I did not, but we compromised on the shower curtain. The majority of the decor is a Naomi original!
From 2009

Note the princess stuff. I should have retaken this one because there is a pretty clock on the wall now that just fits perfectly!
From 2009

Close up detail of decorative towels.
From 2009

Dining area, front door is to the left, the wall with the giant clock will eventually be a WALL of clocks
From 2009

Dining area from kitchen
From 2009

Laundry room, I love this laundry room!!
From 2009

The BEST part! The Kitchen!!! Door leads to the garage
From 2009

Garage and naked baby
From 2009

Living room which is all open to the kitchen and dining, just the way I like it!
From 2009

This is the long awaited shelf, I love it, but still feel like something is missing in this area, any suggestions? I was thinking of maybe a tall plant or giant vase with bamboo or reeds in it?
From 2009

Patio, no furniture yet, but I would love some nice asian inspired chairs and a table with a large bamboo plant and red hanging lanterns!
From 2009

View, that used to be train tracks, but is now a road that leads into the complex, soon there will be all new landscaping and a sidewalk back here
From 2009

Girls room: its a surprise since its not completely finished yet. You see the couch to the left, so if it all connects properly, the girls room is right next to the front door.
From 2009

Sneak Peak of girls' room. I painted that! This is going to be the pattern throughout the room.
From 2009

From 2009

More Master
From 2009

Office within Master Bedroom. It seems unfinished to me here too. I am contemplating buying a second table just like this one so that the desk runs the full length of the wall from the bookshelf to the door. Then we will have more working space. This is also before I tied all of the cords below the desk together - I hate stray cords! They are just so ugly!
From 2009

Giant walk in closet or Giant mess, Closet is to the left when you walk into the master, there is a hallway there that has the closet and then goes into the master bathroom.
From 2009

Oh yeah, I took a picture of the hallway!
From 2009

Master Bathroom, this is Brian's choice of colors, he wanted it as dark as it could be.
From 2009

Brooklyn Bridge inspired
From 2009

Close up detail on towels
From 2009

Master Bathtub, the girls and I played in here after we went swimming. We all fit quite nicely!
From 2009

And Naomi's new shoes! I love them; they are airwalks! So cute on her!
From 2009

And that concludes our tour for today!
Any critiques and/or suggestions are welcome! =o)


Brad, Tiffany, and Boys said...

wow, your new place is AWESOME! I love your style. You are welcome to come help me decorate our next like a year and a half and hopefully in another state. :)

It is actually kind of mean to post pictures of a real place knowing all of us Wymounters will see, but it gives me hope that someday we will actually have kitchen space, a laundry room, closet space, and even...CLOSET DOORS! It's hard to believe. Thanks for making that dream a little more real. :)

Ryan said...

It is awesome. Congrats. I'm w/Brian. I love the dark colors. I'm so very excited to see the girls' room.

Alison said...

You are so cute with all of your pictures!! I absolutely LOVE you kitchen and am WAY envious! I will have to put up pictures of our place once we move in.

Mallory said...

Amen to Tiffany's comment, except I can't really talk either since Jimmy and I are moving to our new glorious spacious apartment in Ohio in 2 weeks woo hoo! So, this looks really good. You should do a post showing how you hide those computer cords because I hate that with all my heart and need to see how you do it. Your kitchen is to die for.

Nathan & Katelyn said...


Janetpiper said...

Loved looking at your pictures. You are a great decorator. Thanks for posting.

jeanine said...

Your apartment looks so roomy! I LOVE how you decorated!!! Seriously! Can you come help me with my place? I have no style. Oh... and where did you get the pictures above your bed? I'm looking for something similar for our master bedroom.

Danielle and Jesse said...

Oh we miss you guys but that looks like an awesome apartment! I'm slightly jealous! And I agree with Tiffany, you are an incredible decorator with an excellent style sense. I want you to decorate my house....well when I have a house... hopefully we'll get to that point some day.

Carrie said...

Jeanine, I got the picture above our bed from It is actually vinyl that you just stick right to the wall and then it will just come right off whenever you want to remove it.

Mallory, I just use the cord twisty things, they are just called Cord Organizers. I get the wrap kind and I just got those at Walmart. Then I just pull everything together and wrap them up tight. So I have one black cord that runs down and across the floor. But if I was to really go all out I would get the thing they have at Ikea that attaches to the back of the desk and it would hold all of the cords in a little rack under the desk, but I haven't done that yet.

Joan said...

I love it! Love it, love it. We thought about doing a wall of clocks, too. I think Joshua is having second thoughts, though, so you have to send photos when you're done so I can convince him of it's fabulous-ness. :)
I love your beautiful kitchen. Our house has light wood--my least favorite, but we loved everything else & we told ourselves we could re-do the kitchen... only it will be a million years before we have the $$ to do that!
Thanks for sharing!! :)
(And hey! E-mail me about the invitations?! I don't think we finalized...)

Jennifer said...

WOW! That is one gorgeous home! You really do a great job. It makes me want to live in an apartment, actually.

I've seen a magazine where they velcroed fabric (I think it looked like their curtains) to the backside of the desks underneath to hide all the cords that come down. I'm considering it in my office. Oh wait - my office is supposed to become a dining room. Back to the drawing board.

Alan and Kiersten said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! looks so good carrie! you're so awesome! you can come decorate my house when we move down there...ha ha. here's hoping, right? can't wait to see the girl's room! love ya!

Beth said...

I want to be like you. That's all.

JoDee said...

Gorgeous place Carrie - you are so incredibly creative and talented: Yay for being in a new fun place like that! You've done a beautiful job with it.