Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Audrey

Rachel, I hope you and Audrey like this! I tried to put a bit of Cinderella into it! Can you tell the paper is Silver? I was going to do silver and gold, but the gold looked brown next to the pretty blue. Now onto Janie's! I am excited for hers too because I LOVE pink and green together
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009
From 2009


Ellis Family said...

I LOVE IT! And so will Audrey! I will be sure to take a picture of it w/her and post it!

jeanine said...


Janadt.Huggins said...

Wonderful! You are so talented. I think you should start a party planning business. I'd seriously fly you out here to throw parties for my children. What do ya say?

Carrie said...

Yes, Jana, that is the dream! I probably won't be doing that anytime soon, but if you ever wanted to have me plan one I am more than willing! Anyone know the going rate for party planners?