Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fulfilling the measure of its creation

I have finally found the dining table I want! I have struggled with what I want in a dining table forever! Searched and searched! I liked, literally, nothing! I don't like the grand formal dining tables with all the swirls and curlies. I like a straight strong looking table. I wanted something that would expand for when we have company, but it couldn't start out too large because we do still have a small dining area.
So finally I have found it! This is it!

I think that our $100 Walmart, teeny, tiny table has served its purpose and definitely fulfilled the measure of its creation! Now to save up for the new table!


Brad, Tiffany, and Boys said...

Ok, it's official. If we stay in Utah will you help me furnish/decorate our place (when we get one)?

I love your taste. I really love the hanging above your bed, like A LOT! So pretty.

Carrie said...

Thanks Tiffany! If you do get to stay around I would love to spend your money on buying you things you already like! =o) This table set including 4 chairs is on sale this month for $590! Crazy huh?

Nikki, Ben, and Ben's Son... said...

I love that table! It would look super cute in your new place! Sorry I've been a slacker friend. I'll e-mail you soon...possibly this weekend, haha. I hope you're doing well!