Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Children are Hilarious!

From 2009


Below are these awesome Quesadillas from Betos - these are the kids size!
From 2009
From 2009

The girls used the balloons from the party as drums! They went completely wild!


Beth said...

Oh my gosh hilarious post!!! Are those quesadillas for real!?! And Gwen...the little fashionista!

Alan and Kiersten said...

ok so that first pic of gwen is HILARIOUS. i LOVE it! fun post!

Janadt.Huggins said...

Your kids are adorable and so full of personality and I LOVE Betos and well.. I miss it. Also I love, LOVE your cute party decorations. You are AWESOME. You have a real talent. I must fly you out here in March so you can decorate for Elliot's b-day party ;)

Jennifer said...

Something is wrong with my blog list! I'm not getting updates on new posts!

Your kids are hilarious.

Housing questions. Wow. Pray, my friend.