Tuesday, August 11, 2009

These made me laugh!

On our way home from Oklahoma Naomi was in the back watching "The Little Mermaid". It was pretty late, and she should have been asleep but was just not. She decided to announce to Brian and I that I have boobs just like the Little Mermaid! Yes that is what she said "Boobs just like the Little Mermaid"! Cracked us up!

Two days ago we had a friend over with a month old baby. The baby started to cry and Gwen ran right over to the car seat and grabbed her binky and then shoved it into her mouth. This is funny to me because Gwen never had a binky so I don't even know how she knows what it is for! Or how to locate it in the baby's car seat for that matter!

Yesterday I was in Provo with my friend Beth. We went out to eat. I asked Naomi what she would like: a hamburger, chicken nuggets, or a grilled cheese. I explained that they all came with french fries and a drink. Her response was, "Umm, I think I want a burger, but I'll eat the fries, but I won't eat the burger." So we got her the grilled cheese! Cracked us up!


Beth said...

Oh your girls are so sweet and hilarious! Can't wait to hang out again!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Kids, what can you do? At least Naomi has got her priorities straight - boobs are at the top of my list, too.