Monday, March 30, 2009

The many names of my children

I am a nickname queen apparently. I thought all parents gave their children nicknames, but I recently learned that not all parents do! I was a little shocked. I am actually surprised that my girls know their real names!

Naomi's nicknames:
Gnomes, Gnomi, Nay, Nay-Nay, N, Sha-Nay-Nay, Nan, Nannie, Shenanigan, Naomi-lou-who, pretty, number 1, Gwen calls her Num-Num, the kids in primary call her Meomi. 

Gwen's nicknames:
Gwenie, G-G, G, Ga-ga, Gwenners, Gwenaby, Gwena, Gwen-Gwen, Goo, Bug, Penguin, PG (penguin shortened), Gwenie-lou, sometimes shortened to Lou or Lou-lou, number 2, sometimes two-y, Little Sister, Little G, Naomi sometimes calls her Little Butt, the kids we used to babysit for called her Granny. 

So I don't think I've ever introduced you to Big P. Big P is Gwen's Penguin that she sleeps with no matter what! Naomi never got attached to any one stuffed animal - she rotates through them. Some nights she needs ALL of the elephants or sometimes its just her Dalmation or a babydoll. Gwen always has Big P. Big P got his name because of how we shortened calling Gwen Penguin to PG. So she is the Little G and obviously that leaves the Penguin to be the P and he is a large penguin so therefore, Big P.  Sometimes I even give him a nickname and call him Big Papa. 

I was not permitted to touch Big P so these are the best shots I could get of him. It was apparently his naptime!
From 2009

From 2009

From 2009

She was rocking him to sleep here.

This is what Gwen does in her spare time. I found her in her 
room after realizing she was being too quiet.
From 2009
I am getting very, very excited for April Fool's Day! 


Robin said...

We nickname our kids too- you're not alone. I love the pictures of Gwen with Big P- no touch Mommy.

Alan and Kiersten said...

ha ha, we don't really have nicknames for brilynn, just bri. i never really thought about it! lol...i should really start thinking baout some! i love the pics of gwen and big p - so cute!

Ellis Family said...

We do nicknames as well. Janie: Janie-lou/Lou/ Peanut/ Pokey Jane/ Sissy/ Princess... I am sure there are more but my mind is going blank!
Audrey: Dree/ Goosey Lucy/ Sissy/ Pumpkin/ Princess and again, I know there are more.
I love the pictures of Gwen! Her and AUdrey would be the best of friends! I wish we lived closer!

Jennifer said...

I love the picture of Gwen with her little tongue sticking out! You are truly the queen of nicknames! We have some, but not nearly as many!

Charlotte: Char, Char Char, Larlotte
Claire: Bear, Bear Bear, Clairy, Shanka
Gabe: Gabey, Gabey Baby, Little Dude, Gabo

All: Bug, Buggy

Jessica said...

i love nicknames! i think its so much fun. i never really had nicknames growing up- just jessie which isnt really a nickname at all. I love that Gwen has her Big P- so cute!

Chanda said...

SO CUTE! I adore little Gwen. I love nicknames too. Maeve doesn't have so many she is either Maeve-da-Maeve or Maevenator. My mom calls her Maevey. Ruby is Rubes, June, June Bug, Jones, Boo, and I suppose Ruby is a nickname too since her first name is Ruby June. Hope you're all better and Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I hear you on the gifts, I would so much rather get something I really, really want, even if it is practical and for the house.