Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day Dinner

Don't you love our nice spread? Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a beautiful strawberry cream pie for dessert! Right?
From 2009
Nope! My strawberry cream pie is actually the 
meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top, the 
mashed potatoes is ice cream and the meatloaf 
a dark chocolate cake. Oh and the gravy is caramel 

The sad part of it all - its sitting out and ready on the table, and Brian is not home 


Jennifer said...

That is disgusting. I can handle the cake and icecream (I think) but I could not eat the meatloaf.

Alison said...

You are SO adorable. You make the holidays so much for for your family. I want to be like that when I have kids

Carrie said...

The meatloaf was actually really good! It was sort of like a shephered's pie. I used the same exact recipe I always use. Its just got food coloring in the mashed potatoes. And it was easy enough to separate if you wanted.

Brian was actually really disappointed when he walked in the house because you can obviously tell that the cake is cake. He thought my April Fool's joke was to make a meal entirely of dessert!

Nikki, Ben, and Ben's Son... said...

That is soo cute! I love that idea! I hope I remember to do something creative like that next April Fouls day! You'll have to remind me, lol. I read your e-mail, I'll write you back very soon! :)

jeanine said...

Such a cute idea! I'm a loser and didn't do anything fun this year... maybe next year!

Lizzy said...

Carrie! Thanks for your sweet comment :) Your blog is so cute! I love seeing pics of your girls... they are just SO adorable! You are such a cute mom! Hope your day is going well and keep in touch!
Love, Lizzy

Jessica said...

how do you come up with these ideas?? you are seriously an inspiration. I love april fools day but i didnt do anything or get anything done to me this year i was bummed! so Im glad you did. I loved the cake- i was convinced!