Friday, April 10, 2009

About my teenage daughter

Apparently, Gwen is 14. She is obviously in her terrible 2 stage which, lucky for me, comes early for my girls and therefore disappears early. Anyway, she is very very temperamental (did you know there was an A in this word??) right now. Everyday, every (sometimes) couple of minutes she will get upset, slam something down or throw it, run out of the room crying down the hallway, slam her bedroom door shut, then throw herself onto the bed! She usually will stay there and cry until she has calmed down and will walk out all happy or until I go and get her. Its almost a game for her. I'm a little shocked! I didn't think I would have 14 year olds until another 10 years at least! Its so sad, its hilarious! Yesterday she was in her room crying so I decided to leave her for a minute to calm down. I realized a bit later that it was quiet. I went in to check and she was passed out asleep on the bed. I think a lot of this terrible 2's is that she is changing her sleep pattern and we haven't caught up with her yet. 

She just learned to say Yellow today. She can pretty much copy any word now. Her favorite word being Dog (daw-daw) which she screams about everytime she sees one even on TV. Yesterday she saw a Lion on TV.  Naomi said it was a dog because its roar sounded like a bark. Gwen said it was  a cat at about the same time. Brian didn't hear that and was explaining to Naomi that it was a lion. Gwen had a 14 year old fit because she thought he was telling her she was wrong about it being a cat. 

Some of her other words are:

poo poo (bo bo)
nose (no)
bowl (bow)
more (mo)
Big P (beh peh)
Naomi (its sounds really weird though)
Quack, quack
Mom which she yells sometimes while going to be in various ways like Moooom, Maoooom, Mom! Mom! 

There are plenty more but those are some of the main ones.
She doesn't say chocolate milk, but if she hears the word she runs and grabs the chocolate mix and puts it on the table and waits.

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Jennifer said...

Girls, what can ya do? I love it when those babies start talking. It is my favorite part of toddlerhood. I saw your bookshelf; I'm pretty sure I read that one, but I don't remember it. Let me know if it is worth reading again.