Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes, we did, in fact, fall off the face of the earth!

Ok, we didn't actually, but you were all thinking it! 

I have tons of pictures for today. But first a recap of the recent events for us. Brian is finished with going to classes. He will do his two online courses and an internship, and he will officially graduate in August. We have no idea where we are going at this point. We could move at any moment if he gets a job elsewhere. Its weird! It is very stressful for him right now looking for a job and/or an internship. If he finds a real job he will just use that as credit for his internship. 

Naomi just graduated from preschool today so there will be pictures of that to follow.  She is also teaching herself to write. She is right now asking me how to spell all of her friend's names. Gwen just learned to say help so she is constantly asking for help. She also started going down the really big twisty slide all by herself last week. 

I am busy collecting Visiting Teaching reports for April. I also really really want to plan a party for something. Don't know if I will give Brian a birthday party or hold off and throw him a big graduation party at some point. ??? I am also busy working on my Mother's Day gifts for my Mom and Brian's Mom. They are gonna be GOOOOD! And I am also sitting here staring at a spider crawl over the far wall from me. It is too high for me to reach, but I have to watch it to know where it goes. They are evil!! 

We are finally having Spring! Its nice out! We've also had quite a bit of rain (for Utah) so that is exciting to me! I am realizing that I LOVE the rain!  On another note I am feeling very very anxious about the Swine Flu stuff. I have logically told myself that it will most likely turn out to be nothing, but it is hard for me to tear my eyes away from the news reports making me feel like I should never leave the house again! And now the spider is crawling down into one of my plants!!! Argh!  Also, funnily(???did I make that up?) today the girls and I watched A Nightmare Before Christmas because I really wanted to. I realized that I just LOVE Halloween! Brian has told me that for years, but I never would admit how much until I was so desperate today for some Halloween exposure! 

Ok now for the pictures:
Gwen just randomly fell asleep on our bed without me knowing. It was just all of a sudden quiet.
From 2009
The girls sat on the edge of this chair to watch
a movie together.
From 2009
I purchased a clothes hamper to hold the girls' 
stuffed animals in but they got a kick out of 
playing in it for a few hours!
From 2009
From 2009
Sunshine Preschool Class of 2009!!
From 2009
Naomi with her girls, Emily and Maren.
From 2009
The Graduation March
From 2009
Such a pretty graduate!
From 2009
I got to hand out all of the diplomas, 
I also got to make them!
From 2009


Jennifer said...

I've been missing you! All your news is good to hear. Except the Swine Flu. I don't watch the news for reasons like this. The pictures of the girls are too darn cute.

Alan and Kiersten said...

ok those pictures of the girls in the laundry basket are AWESOME! love it! and congrats to naomi! yay for graduating! she looks so cute in her dress!