Friday, March 13, 2009

St Patrick's Day

I get to teach about St Patrick's Day for preschool next week! I'm very excited! I've got some fun things planned already, like a fun little maze where they follow the alphabet shamrocks while holding on to a rainbow ribbon to get to their pot o' gold! 

This will be their pot o' gold taken from

I have to remember to take pictures while the kids are actually here this time!!!

But while I was looking for St Patrick's Day stuff for preschool I found something REALLY awesome!! I want to make these Leprechaun traps and leave them all over the house. I think Naomi would get a kick out of it!

This one has a trap door on top for the leprechaun to fall into once he climbs the climbing wall.
See the cage in the cloud that is rigged to fall if someone moves the gold pot.

This one is also set to fall in when the leprechaun steps on top.

If I get to make them I'll post pictures of my probably not so awesome versions! 


Jennifer said...

Precious! I, of course, will only make the jello, but I never would have thought of that on my own. And green stuff for the kids or they'll feel robbed. They are of Irish descent, so I should really pump them up.

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Carrie, you always have the neatest ideas for parties and holidays! I wish I was as creative as you are!!!