Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Leprechaun Traps

From 2009
From 2009
From 2009
These are my leprechaun traps! We haven't 
caught any Leprechauns yet, but the day is 
young! A leprechaun did, however, dip his 
toe into our water jug because all of the 
water was green this morning when we woke 
up! Naomi keeps asking me why he would do 
that! haha. You can see that my last trap with 
the giant painted rainbow is only half finished. 
Turns out I don't have any wire hangers to 
make the clouds hang in midair. So I may 
attempt the cloud hanging next year. We just 
have to keep a close eye on that gold.

We also had little leprechauns leave green
footprints all around our toilet paper.
Sneaky little guys!


Robin said...

You are amazing girl. Israel loved preschool. Julia messed up his hat and I didn't fix is "properly" so he wanted to go back to your house. I finally actually called you, but you weren't home.
Thanks so much for calling me this morning. I've never forgotten preschool and E and I really would have missed today.

Jennifer said...

That's so cute! Thanks to you, I made yellow Jello jigglers in cups for pots of gold. The kids loved them!

Jessica said...

you are amazing! i loved your cute ideas!

Nikki, Ben, and Ben's Son... said...

I love those ideas! You are such a creative Mom! I hope that I can start to think of things to do like that someday :)