Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Birthday

So, overall, my birthday was sort of a bummer! Yet the only reason it was a bummer was because I was so freakin' sick! I literally could not get up and enjoy my birthday. I hated that! I kept wishing I could just change it to another day. So we are thinking that maybe sometime this week we will have a little get together party with a cake. If I ever stop feeling so dizzy and sort of nauseous. 

As far as the day, if I hadn't been sick, it would have been nice! I got some long stem roses from my mom! I got some bright pink gerbera daisies hand delivered from my visiting teachers! I couldn't believe they remembered! Brian got me the Planet Earth series!!! Yay! (It was actually on my list, I think its the first time Brian purchased something on my list! He always tells me my list isn't good enough because I generally ask for practical things instead of playing things - even though those practical things I really really want!) I got a beautiful necklace from my mom the day after my birthday! And then also received a giant box from my parents-in-law which had kitchen shears and a pizza cutter from Pampered Chef. I so needed a pizza cutter! While on vacation to NJ my pizza cutter mysteriously disappeared, and I use that thing for cutting everything!! I think Brian gave it away, at least that is what I tease him about. Also in the giant box was Brian and my quilt from when we got married! Woohooo! It is all finished! Along with a few cards, I also got 36 birthday wishes on Facebook! I think that is a gigantic amount! So whenever I have a my little get together I'll post pictures to complete the birthday event.

The biggest news of the day is that Gwen is now in a big girl bed!! Its a trial period for the moment, but I think it will probably stick! She fell asleep with no problem last night, though she did wake up at about 11 and seemed like she didn't know where she was. Then she woke again at 5am and started walking out to the living room crying. She is now in what was Naomi's toddler bed, and we moved Naomi into Gwen's crib after taking the side rail off because the crib is much taller than the toddler bed. 

Bad news for the day - it totally snowed last night! How dare it! We had such nice weather these past 3 weeks while I've been trapped in doors trying to avoid spreading this awful flu crap. Now you know the Ruggles are getting better because the snow comes!

I think in my sicky stupor I did not explain the Marriage study we are involved in well enough. It is a Health in Marriage study. They want to see if there is any correlation to your health and being married. Along with the blood pressure monitors that we wore for 24 hours!, we also had to have our blood tested at the Health Center and then we chewed on these cotton balls and kept them in test tubes I think it was 4 times a day. Then we filled out these questionnaires that claimed to take 1 hour, but took me much longer than that! I hate questionnaires like these. They tell you to rate what you feel about something on a 1 - 5 scale. I feel like I lie on every single answer just because I can think of so many different scenarios where I would fall into each numbered category! 

I simply cannot believe it is only 3 months left until Brian will be ALL done with school and we will be moving! First, its amazing that this winter semester is so close to being over! Then for the Spring Term Brian won't even have any classes on campus - 2 online courses and his Practicum/Internship thing. I wonder where we will wind up going? Any guesses? Or better yet any job leads?? We are looking into some alternative options at the moment, but they would not be the ideals. I'll talk about those later if anything comes of them.


Alison said...

Carrie, I am so sorry that you were sick for your birthday. I thought flying all day on my birthday sucked, but I think you beat me. I hope you start feeling better! Haha you guys are just getting your wedding quilt? I was hoping to get one for my wedding, but who knows when I'll get mine. I'm not even a kid, I'm just a neice :D

I cannot believe how fast your little girls are growing! It blows my mind!

And you guys should totally move back to Texas. We all miss you down here.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Carrie! Im sorry you were sick thats totally not fair! No one should ever be sick on their birthday. You should have a weekend of partyn' and cake when youre feeling better

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Sickness sucks, but it's still a happy day for those who know you. We are glad you were born. So, thank your parents for me. And your gifts sound very wonderful.

I always feel like I'm lying on those questionnaires, too. Will you get to know the results of the study? Like, your own personal measurements and whatnot?