Friday, March 6, 2009


From 2009
From 2009

Isn't she just so pinkalicious? Pink PJ's, Pink cupcake, pink plate!

Here is what we've been doing lately.

I am still looking into what to do to finish up school. I'm 
currently looking back at finishing up SVU. I could do it in a 
few simple classes! Sort of simple. I'd have to take Calculus, 
then a 300 level Modern Art class, and finish up a 3000 word 
paper I wrote 7 years ago on Victorian Poetry. Crazy! But that 
is all to get my degree. If I want to add an English minor I just 
have to take a 200 level English course. So at the moment that 
is the choice I'm sticking with. I just have to find money for 
that now. But its A LOT cheaper than the Art Institute, like 
$87,000 cheaper! Then someday soon I can move on to Grad 
school. I'm also looking at several interior decorating diploma's 
that would take a year to complete.

Brian is steadily looking for a job. I'm beginning to hate the 
whole thing. Last year if he needed a job it would have been 
quite easy in his field! There we tons of Manufacturing 
openings. This year on the BYU eRecruiting website there are 
12 openings in Manufacturing. 12!!! For the entire school 
of MET. Not good! Of course he is looking elsewhere 
besides eRecruiting, but as a guidethat is not a good sign.

The whole job market/economy thing just makes me really 
mad right now! That seems like such a menial way to say it, 
but how else do I say it? We are finally at that point in life 
where we should be getting a job, buying a house, starting 
to live like real live people. Instead, we'll just be in the 
same exact spot except not living mostly 
off of loans. I'm just angry about it!

Naomi and Gwen have been sick with a head cold/fever 
combo. They are finally getting over it and now Brian 
has it. He mistakenly assumed yesterday was the worst 
of it. Now today he is realizing this could be the worst 
of it. I have my doubts. It was awful for poor Naomi, I 
think it will get even worse for poor Brian.

I finally finished reading all 13 books in A Series of 
Unfortunate Events. I did not enjoy them! But I am a 
finisher so I had to read all 13. I will still recommend 
them though. I think they are a great book to help 
early preteen kids expand their vocabulary. I think 
for that age group they'd be really funny yet still have 
that intrigue. For me though, I just speed read through 
them just to see how it ended. I know I could have 
just read the last one a long time ago, but I needed the 
whole story. 

We made a genius treat last night that our friends
Danielle and Jesse told us about. It's so easy too!
Brownie mix, then you plop cookie dough on 
top of that and bake. Brian and I have dubbed it a Brookie.

I'm also working on becoming a recycler! I have wanted
to set up full on recycling for a long time. I just keep 
excusing it away because we live in such a small place - 
where would I put it all? There are a few drop off bins 
in our parking lot that I should utilize. They only take
paper, newspaper and aluminum cans though. If I want
to do more than that I have to drive it to a recycling 
center in Orem. So that is what I've decided on. I don't think 
they require that I separate it all out, but its much easier
to store it all separate so like the cans don't contaminate 
the cardboard with various debris. I'm in the middle of 
working up an organizing system for my tiny back room 
so it will be easier to store and transport.


Jennifer said...

Hey, I can't see all the words in this post - the lines cut off at the right hand side. And I really want to read it!

Carrie said...

Let me know if this helps Jennifer.