Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things That I'd Like to Learn

I am a list maker, like I know a lot of you who read this are as well. My lists are written and rewritten. I like my lists to be pretty and organized so I will make the initial list and then copy it onto pretty paper or a nice journal and then toss the original. I'll do that several times as things get crossed off so the list stays pretty. I wanted to share with you some of the joy of my new iPod touch! I can put lists on there!!! They are typed and pretty and I don't have to throw away so much paper. Anyway, once of my recent lists that I made was things I'd like to learn. These aren't book-y things, because my book list is 3 pages long! These are things I'd most likely have to take a class or a few classes in. Probably like  at a community college sometime. I guess some of them (after looking over the list) could be done by obtaining a book. So here is my list. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything really cool! You'll learn from this that I am a real dork!

Speed reading - this will enhance my book reading list
Cake decorating as well as baking them (I am in love with cute cupcakes)
Sign Language
Napkin folding (sort of like origami except that it can be used at parties more often)
I just now thought Origami might be good too
Mortgage/home buying course
Organizing skills/systems (did you know there was a society of professional organizers??)
Interior decorating course (maybe a whole major)
- Specifically use of color
Parenting course specifically targeting discipline techniques - I need more creative ideas
Some business-y type courses - this one deserves another list to decide which ones specifically
(I want to be an event planner!!)

What do you want to learn?


Jennifer said...

I want to be a copyeditor. So, that.

Jennifer said...

And Spanish.

Jessica said...

oo i like your list. i would like to learn interior decorating and organizing as well..i'd also like to learn how to blow glass, cut/color hair and go to estatition school